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The Beast of Fayberg

Offical Documentation of the Beast Murders



  Not many individuals know what happened on the 9th of Idrus, 1821 in the Gnomish city of Fayberg, but what transpired that evening would only grow into rumor & myth. In the early morning on the 10th of Idrus what we now know as the first victim of "The Beast" was discovered. As a handful of guards rose in the morning to conduct their usual patrol of the city's fortifications, a strange and frightening sight found them. A horse drawn cart from one of the local outside farmers trotted to the gate with the poor soul slumped over, decapitated. Upon further inspection, once they halted the cart, the officials were able to identify the deceased as Noy Beltz, a 28 year old Rasuchi male who was a farmer of livestock and crops. After removing the deceased individual from the cart they sent him to the local morgue. Once there the autopsy shone some light on how Mr. Beltz left this world.  
The Victim in Question, Mr. Noy Beltz, died of several lacerations to the chest and throat, however he was additionally severely wounded by four precise stab wounds to the abdomen region, all puncturing simultaneously.
— From the autopsy report of Beltz, Noy, 11th of Idrus, 1821
  Many assume the reason for his untimely death was a simple farmer dispute that boiled over, but that still doesn't explain why he was decapitated. After several weeks the guard simply lacked the knowledge and resources to solve the murder, so they put the case to bed, never be opened again. Or so they thought.     What would be known as the second murder was of similar circumstance. About a month later in the early morning of the 17th of Sovus 1821, A Barkeep of a well known establishment, The Lumbering Drunk Inn, set out to his business in order to prepare the bar for patrons. As he walked to the alleyway to fetch some water he found the body of one of his employees, 35 year old Human barmaid, Irma Raskob, slumped against the stone wall with her head in her lap. As the guards were summoned, they quickly the began their investigation of this gruesome murder. They checked the surrounding area and quickly took Miss Raskob to the morgue. Once at the morgue the examiner found that this poor woman died similarly to how our Rasuchi farmer did a month ago.  
It started with a stab to the abdomen, the four wounds indicate something like a pitchfork, then multiple lacerations, followed by a decapitation after the individual died.
— From the autopsy report of Raskob, Irma, 18th of Sovus, 1821
  This murder sparked some rumors and hysteria within the community, not only was Miss Irma well known and liked, but this murder was deeper in the city, giving people the thought of a murderer in their streets.  


  As the year passed not much came of the two murders of Fayberg in 1821, not until as the new year approached. In 1822 on the 24th of Haldrus the third victim was struck. As one of the citizens of Fayberg was winding down for the evening from work, They decided to unburden themselves by visiting one of the local pleasure houses called "The Mistress's Secret." There was one specific Lady of this establishment that everyone flocked to, 24 year old Mistress Yakima Geisler was noted as the best lady of this pleasure house. When our fellow found Miss Yakima in good mood, he paid for a night with the infatuating young Rasuchi. As he was lead into a room she sat him down and went to go freshen up. Many minutes passed, more than normal. When our decent fellow went to check up on the Mistress he heard the sound of cracking glass. What he then found was a gruesome sight. He found Miss Yakima Geisler laying in the tub with multiple lacerations, a pitchfork-like stab to the stomach, & lastly her head in her lap. The guards could hear the poor lad's shrieks from blocks away. The examiner, the same as the previous two murders, was bewildered. That evening the examiner of the morgue called Gnomish Officials to file a report and issue a request of aid from an Inspector.  
Dear Commissioner Kaleb Stein,
I write to you today on the most urgent of matters, Fayberg is under threat of what i believe to be, a serial killer. It is paramount that we handle this matter post haste. I respectfully request the aid of an Inspector, to find the individual involved and end this madness swiftly and justly. I shall attach the details of previous crimes within this letter. Thank you for your assistance.
Examiner Joseph Finck
— Request for aid in Fayberg, 1822
    By the time that the fourth murder presented itself the Gnomish Government had started involving itself with an investigation. In the early morning on the 19th of Anyrus, Gnomish Officals accompanied by guards covered the crime scene of the fourth victim. Among the various guards and officials came a Gnomish inspector by the name of Uria Grensch, he was accompanied by his inspector in training, Deputy Jaron Brand. The deceased was identified as 47 year old Liron Stauss, a human farmer. Grensch and Brand both accompanied the lost soul to the local morgue. When they arrived at the morgue Inspector Grensch and Deputy Brand stayed and observed the autopsy. As the autopsy went its course Inspector Grensch & Deputy Brand noted that the reasons of death were the same, as was the killers mark of decapitation. The Inspectors deduced that they had a serial killer in their midst. This sparked an outcry of fear from the local populace knowing that a serial killer is in fact somewhere in the city.    


Barbaric killings around the city seem to be linked!
— Headline of the Fayberg Chronicler, 22nd of Anyrus, 1822
    By early Chythus the fifth victim was found in his place of business. On an early Saturday morning, the 10th of Chythus, a secretary of The Normen & Dirks Co. Bank came in early to work some overtime. As she organized various financial documents, she carried a stack of letters requiring signatures from her boss. As she entered the chamber of one of her bosses, Mr. Kortin Dirks, A well respected Rasuchi Accountant, she found the chamber empty. She entered the chamber with papers in hand, she arranged and reorganized Mr.Dirks's desk to his liking, then placed the papers on the desk for her boss to look at them whenever he comes in. As she turned to exit the office she noticed a shattered whiskey glass next to a privacy divider in the office. As she approached and kneeled down to clean the broken glass she was met with a grisly sight. Mr. Kortin sat up against the wall with his head removed from his shoulders and his torso filleted open. The guards were summoned with haste & Inspector Uria was quick to respond as well as Mr. Brand. This individuals death was specifically frightening for Inspector Grensch, as he knew this man. When Uria Grensch made his way into the city of Fayberg earlier this year the Gnomish Government set up an account for him at this bank, so he had many dealings with Mr. Dirks. Many days passed and many leads were followed, but alas, they all ended up cold. all the Inspectors could do was study the information at hand and wait.  
Date: 12th of Chythus, 1822
Unfortunately, Mr. Kortin Dirks's death does not shine a light on how he, and the other victims are connected in the serial killings. However random these violent acts seem... there must be a pattern... or something waiting to be unearthed. Further leads shall be followed.
— A note from Uria Grensch's Fayberg case files, 1822
  Late on the 27th of Lakhus, 1822, the sixth victim was discovered. Around 6 PM, In the higher class of Fayberg, where many Gnomes work and live, bystanders witnessed a horrifying scene. A Gnomish woman's body falling through a shattered fifth story window from a financial high rise, headless. The guards were summoned with in the hour. As Inspector Grensch made his way to the crime scene Jaron Brand waited for his superior's arrival. As they studied the body they found a similar display of barbaric mutilation, Deputy Brand then followed Inspector Grensch up the metal stair rail on the side of the building. When they reached the fifth story the Inspector cautiously opened the door, once they entered the facility they found a sadistically unusual sight, the gnomish woman's head placed on a mound of gold pieces. Later at the morgue the victim was identified as 52 year old, Alida Aust, a renowned financier of most buildings in Fayberg and a women well respected by all races. Mrs. Aust's death only added to the hysteria of not just the common folk, but also the higher class of Fayberg as well, Commissioner Stein began receiving letters and visits from Gnomish Officials and press inquiring as to how the department would resolve the murderer's plague on the city.  
Date: 30th of Lakhus, 1822
Commissioner Stein has been getting many letters and unwelcome visits from higher officials recently, the press hasn't been to kind to either of us, he's told me that if I can't find a resolution soon he'll request the Fusiliers to put the city on lock down, and scour the streets for answers. On top of everything else this "Beast of Fayberg" is now targeting the higher class witch is putting everyone closer to the edge... whoever or whatever this psychopath is needs to slip up and soon so we can be done with it all.
— A note from Uria Grensch's Fayberg case files, 1822


  As the year of 1822 passed, only fear stalked the streets of Fayberg, but by Frothus, 1823, the sixth and final murder was revealed. Early in the morning on Friday, the 25th of Frothus, as the first month of a new year was at its end, students of the Faybren University entered the class room of Professor Bernhard Polzin. Dr. Polzin, a well praised teacher of evocation magicks and a father figure to the Universities various students, was discovered dead with his head on his classroom podium and his body viciously mutilated on his desk. Many students, faculty, and staff mourned deeply for the loss of one of the brightest minds that taught at Faybren University.   When Inspector Grensch made his way through the university he was meet with many mixed emotions from various peoples, he heard wails of anguish and anger as he approached the learning hall. When the guard finally took Dr. Polzin's body to the morgue, Inspector Grensch ordered Deputy Brand to stay behind to study the scene and talk with persons of interest that could give them more information. While Brand stayed behind at the crime scene Inspector Grensch made his way to the morgue.   When he examined the deceased with Examiner Finck, they found the usual brutalities that lead to Dr. Polzin's death, however they also discovered something new. When they examined Dr. Polzin's body, Inspector Grensch noticed a small strip of leather in between the small intestines, as Examiner Finck surgically removed the foreign object they soon found there was more to it. A small cured brownish-orange leather coin pouch was shoved into Dr. Polzin's corpse after he died and was decapitated, when Mr. Finck and Inspector Grensch delicately opened the small coin purse and up-ended it, various coins fell out along with a strip of paper. In an archaic hand writing the message read,  

I am within your walls, within your halls, within your streets, and within your minds. You cannot find that which is hidden so well, as long as I remain a thought in the backs of the populaces' mind I shall always live on and consume the city with fear. Your time is running short and soon I will be done. From the one who you call "The Beast".

— A note from The Beast, Fayberg case files, 1823

  After Inspector Grensch read the note, examiner Finck watched as Uria stared off into space, eyes wide, and his skin turned pale. Once Examiner Finck grabbed the attention of Inspector Grensch and brought him back to reality, the inspector quickly gathered his things and told Mr. Finck that he needs to head to his temporary home office post haste, without hesitation Inspector Grensch was out the door.   Meanwhile back at the Faybren College of Envocation, Jaron Brand did as his commanding officer ordered, he spent a lengthy and painstaking amount of time turning over any and every stone that presented itself. When Deputy Brand was finishing his thorough search of Dr. Polzin's work space, a fellow teacher of the Faybren college stepped in the room to talk with Deputy Band. She gave him her statement and took her leave.   As Jaron was walking out of the crime scene he took a moment to look at the auditorium before him, while looking at the various seats and windows he noticed a very peculiar look to the podium that could only be seen from afar. Deputy Brand quickly inspected the front of the Professor's podium. As he traced his hands along the edges of the wood he found a small slit that opened a front panel and revealed a most curious thing, within the podium was a thin brownish-tan leather journal which contained personal entries from Dr. Bernhard Polzin himself. Deputy Brand put absolute priority in delivering this new piece of evidence to his superior. The last that was seen of Deputy Jaron Brand was him running down the street, presumably to Inspector Uria Grensch's temporary home office.   Several days passed since anyone had seen or heard from the Inspector and his Deputy. Commissioner Stein sent a squad of four guards to the location of Inspector Grensch's temporary living space. When the guard entered they had to throw their collective weight against the door for entry because it was barred and barricaded. When the guards made their entry what they found inside was chaos, all furniture was ripped, slashed, and broken to splinters, the surrounding walls of the small home office were carved with slashes from what seemed like a large beast and some blood painted the floor's carpet and walls, the desk of the Inspector was rifled through, and all documents were ripped apart or burned. There was no sign of Uria Grensch or Jaron Brand.   The official story the government tells the populace is that Inspector Uria Grensch and Deputy Jaron Brand found and brought "The Beast of Fayberg" to a swift end while unfortunately sacrificing their lives in the process. They will be remembered as heroes of the city and solid reminder of unwavering service to the community, however the truth is that no one truly knows what happened to Grensch and Brand, but after their disappearances the "Beast" murders stopped and the events from 1821 - 1823 became only history and myth.

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Cover image: Victorian Gothic by Andy Walsh


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