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Candy Land


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Candyland, based on the Mattel board game, has inspired me to create an in depth look at the game as a role play setting. With a general outline and obscure trivia, I hope to flesh out the land as a more believable place. With some alterations to make the world a more dramatic place, my goal is to make the land an exciting place to explore and adventure in.   With the recently deceased King Kandy, Candy Land has been thrown into disarray. The rightful heir to the throne, Princess Lolly, is having her claim challenged by Lord Licorice. The current queen, Frostine, secluding herself in the mountain fortress above Snowflake Lake has chosen to stay out of the battle for succession. Queen Frostine is the ruler of the island chains, the floats, and is viewed as a barbaric outsider by most of the citesens. Can Princess Lolly gather her loyal forces and force the dastardly Lord Licorice from taking the Kandy throne?   The various races of Candyland will be as represented as I can make them. With various factions, large and small, taking center stage. From the chocolate vampires that stalk the city streets, to the Gingerbread Monks of the Great Sugarplum Tree, to the Gummy Bear riding peoples of Peppermint Forest everyone will have their time to shine.