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In Canaae, the Prime Material is a collection of disjointed planes, connected by something called the "Aether" a massive wall of fog that surrounds these planes and allows them to potentially touch. A skilled navigator would be able to move safely from one to another, but to an untrained traveler, the Aether is doom itself. Most avoid it completely, living out their lives unbothered by the fog-like cloud that surrounds the world they know. Those who do brave that great wall of fog might find themselves in a plane, or could end up wandering the fog for eternity, unable to rest or escape. It was not always so, stories tell of a united world, a world where one could see the horizon and not feel fear. What happened and why is the speculation of many, but time being eternal and memory being temporary, the answers are lost to the current world. In the end, the millennia that the Aether has remained in place has forced the world to adapt, and it has.   It is a world of secrets both past and present, and with an ancient terror unleashed once more unto the world, some things will come to light that no one expected.   The Caanae world map was drawn by the talented Joshua Goff! He and his work can be found @