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Shadow’s Lodge is a 69-storey skyscraper in Newport City. It stands out mainly because of its construction, consisting almost entirely of blackened steel and dark-tinted, polarised windows. The building features delicate scenes from Dante’s Inferno on the nine lower floors, while the upper part of the building remains rather plain.

Purpose / Function

Construction of Shadow’s Lodge began in what is now the Hudson Heights district as soon as the city was founded. The city planned and built it as a residential building for the upper class of Newport City, even though offices, clubs and smaller bars were supposed to be on floors one to twenty. It was completed in 2008, four years early. Only a few months later, Shadow’s Lodge was sold to Newport New Media, who originally used it as their corporate headquarters.

The corporation implemented the original plan for the lower floors, while the upper four floors remained unoccupied. This only changed when they were officially signed over to Tamara Pierce in 2015.


The skyscraper has one of the most advanced security systems, especially against attacks from the GRID. Given the owner, however, this is no wonder. At any given time, there are three hackers on duty inside the building, coordinating security. Five independent groups of armed corporate security support them. Each group also includes a security mage.

Especially at night, vampires support security, mostly from the Brujah, Gangrel and Lasombra clans.

Founding Date
Alternative Names
Dragon's Hell
Parent Location
Owning Organization
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13 Dec, 2021 12:10

Most likely a Pentax hub. Hmmm

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Susanne Lamprecht
13 Dec, 2021 12:28

This may be true... Perhaps :D

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