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Church of the Devoted

The Church of the Devoted emerged from the more radical Protestant churches and adopted elements of the Spanish Inquisition and the Second Inquisition. The church is best known for its radical, racist views that condemn magic, supernatural beings, and species other than humans as heretics.

The so-called magic is only the expression of the heretical activities of these supposed “new supernatural species” who want to wipe out and replace humanity as parasites and damnable mutations.

— High Inquisitor Stephen Farell

Church Structure

The lowest basis of church organisation is the congregation. This congregation usually covers one district of a megaplex and comprises the congregation members and the church elders.

The elders of an individual congregation are members of the City Council of the Church, which determines the common line of all congregations within a city. This council also has a council of elders, which is part of the Regional Council of the Church.

There is no overarching global council or leader. The church elders have the opinion that they cannot fight the modern satanic machinations centrally, but they must counter their dangers regionally.


The priesthood of the church is loosely organised and comprises the council of church elders. This council usually comprises the most conservative and radical members of the church, but does not itself use violence.

The members of a local church elect the council for a lifetime, with no real spiritual training.

Beliefs & History

The Devoted base their twisted beliefs mainly on a certain quotation from the Bible.

Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, practices divination or conjury, interprets omens, practices sorcery, casts spells, consults a medium or spiritist, or inquires of the dead.

— Deuteronomy 18:10 & 18:11

When the millennium change revealed the existence of supernatural beings through the Fall of the Veil, a radical group split off within the Protestant churches of the USA, who considered this revelation to be the beginning of the apocalypse. Only a few months later, the first non-human children were born, which only strengthened the beliefs of these splinter groups.

Neither the so-called “new species” nor the supernatural beings disappeared, but the radical, conservative believers were neither able nor willing to adapt to the changed circumstances. Instead, a cult of doomsday preachers and perennials emerged, clamouring for an inquisition to eradicate these “spawns of Satan and his heretical followers” from the world. They supported radical demands to persecute the new races and the supernaturals, to deny them human rights and to hunt them like animals.

It took until the mid-2020s for these radical representatives of the faith to come together to form the new Church of the Devoted. Since then, the church has been proselytising exceedingly aggressively, supporting the families of supernatural beings or alien species with exorcisms that usually end fatally. In addition, they organise so-called Inquisition Associations that actively hunt down everything that is magical, supernatural, or non-human. They justify their actions with the Bible passage quoted above.

Today, the congregations are spread all over the world. They interfere in local politics, support racist and anti-magical organisations and spread fake news about supernatural attacks on harmless people. They use, besides the inquisition and their hunting successes, their own trid stations, Grid hubs and rampant campaigns in the social hubs. This makes the church one of the fastest growing in the world.

Only the devoted will live. Heretics will burn.

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Third Inquisition
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Tobias Linder
30 Dec, 2021 08:43

No surprises whatsoever. Of COURSE these jackasses exist. A well thought-out and logical progression. I like it! But now I'm curious what "Fall of the Veil" is. It's not a term I remember reading before, and it has me intrigued!

Fabled Legend Davina
Susanne Lamprecht
3 Jan, 2022 15:05

Thank you! I will definetely write something about the Fall of the Veil later on. It's a pretty interesting event!

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