Emma Takes Allison Away

Life, Relocation

08:24 - 7th June 2004 AD

The sound of hurried footsteps scared her, but it was nothing compared to when the door to Kate’s bedroom banged open.   Allison had never seen Emma this angry before, but she pushed back her fears and looked at her with defiance. When Allison spoke, she did it with a strong, matter-of-fact voice. ‘I can do what I want. And you can’t stop me.’   ‘The hell I can’t,’ Emma said, walking up to Allison. She wrenched on Allison’s arm and pulled her out of bed. Kate woke up, wide eyed and still dazed. She shouted at Emma, but the older woman ignored her, hauling Allison’s naked body across the room and down the stairs.   Allison tried to fight back, but her futile efforts only earned her a slap from Emma, culminating in her being thrown out of the front door onto the street. Allison cried out as wet concrete shredded her skin and cold rain pounded down, stinging her wounds. A little distance now stretched between her and Emma and she used it to run at her, knocking her over into a large puddle. Kate appeared at the door, tying on a dressing gown and running to Allison. Emma got up and pulled the two girls apart. Kate swung her fist at her, but Emma pushed her down and dragged a crying Allison down the driveway.   Allison felt the ground scrape her heels as she looked back at Kate on the floor. She heard Emma opening a car door and, as Emma shoved her in the car, Kate ran towards them.   Emma slammed the door shut, leaving Allison crying on the back seat. A second later the sound of the car start up and drive off made Allison sit up and stare out the window at Kate running along behind them, her dressing gown already soaked through with rain. Kate followed them until they reached the end of the street where she fell on her knees and out of sight.

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