Allison Fights Mathew

Life, Failure / Mishap

13:49 - 6th October 2003 AD

Allison struggled to free herself from the tight grip holding her arms behind her. She screamed at the body lying on the floor, trying to pull her arms away for another attack. She couldn’t remember how Mathew ended up motionless on the path and didn’t care; she needed to rip his head off, she needed to grind his face into the concrete, she needed to obliterate every part of his body.   ‘Allison, calm down,’ a strong male voice spoke into her ear. Allison’s struggles died a fraction, but she still ranted at Mathew’s lifeless figure, feeling saliva run down her chin and the sensation of a razor blade in her throat. Her arms went numb, but despite this, she felt agony in her right hand as the sharp pains prevented her from opening her still clenched fist.   ‘Calm down,’ the voice said again, and she recognised it as her PE teacher, a well muscled man with a rugby player’s build. Allison’s attempts to break free became weak, and her shouts fell to a croaked whisper.   ‘Let me at him,’ she sobbed. The teacher’s grip loosened and Allison fell to the floor, staring at Mathew with wide tear filled eyes.

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