Allison And Kate Break Up

Life, Relationship change

13:31 - 1st October 2003 AD

‘I…’ But Allison couldn’t finish. How would she say this? It would kill Kate. Allison held her head in her hands and when she looked up, she saw a redheaded figure coming towards their table. Allison felt herself begin to sob, but pushed it down before Kate saw. Linda sat down next to Allison. ‘Sorry,’ Allison said, summoning up all the strength she could, ‘but we are having a private discussion.’
‘Oh right,’ Linda said without making a move to get up. ‘Were you about to tell her?’
‘Tell me what?’ Kate asked with a look of confusion and a hint of betrayal; as if she knew something had gone on.
‘Just go away and leave me to do this,’ Allison said, her voice rising.
‘Wow,’ Linda said. ‘I didn’t think you could speak that loud after the amount you screamed earlier. Have you noticed that, Kate? I don’t know how you’ve kept it from her mother if she’s that loud. Even with my hand silencing her, I’m sure the year seven art students had an interesting soundtrack to their lesson.’
‘What?’ Kate’s betrayed look became more pronounced.
‘But don’t worry, it was just a one off. Well, not including the time at the wedding. You can have her back now.’
‘I’m … I’m not sure I want to.’ Kate looked at Allison, and the disappointment in her eyes destroyed Allison more than if she screamed.
‘Suits me.’
‘Kate…’ Allison began.
‘Just leave me alone,’ Kate said, standing up and knocking her chair to the floor.

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