Cat Appears To Allison In A Dream

Life, Supernatural

01:46 - 9th June 2004 AD

'Do not blame God for what Emma does.’   Allison took a deep breath to calm the storm inside her. Shouting at an angel wouldn’t solve her problems. ‘Okay then. Why does He allow her to do this?’ she said, the annoyance clear in her voice.   Cat sighed. ‘Because, like every single living being in the universe, she has free will, and to prevent her from doing what she wishes will take that away.’   ‘And you’re seriously defending this? What about all the murderers out there? Don’t you care that they are using their “free will” to take away others’?’   ‘Yes, I care, but we can’t pick and choose who we control. Besides, there is a chance at happiness after they die, so it is not a permanent pain.’   ‘So how can I have free will if Fate has already decided what I do?’   ‘Think of it like you think of the past. You chose to pick up a guitar and start playing. At the time, that choice was in flux. Now it is unchangeable. If you were to go back and relive your life again with the same knowledge and experience as you had then, you would choose the same thing. In a sense, Fate does indeed determine our choices, but conversely our choices determine Fate.’   ‘And yet you speak of it like an actual being.’   ‘Because they are. Or as much of a being as God is. They can see all of time and space, they understand every single atom in the multiverse and can therefore predict with absolute certainty the final outcome of existence. But they can also affect the physical realms, though not the spiritual ones, and will, on occasion, intervene. They have their own reasons for doing so, and no one has ever been able to stop them from doing what they want, or make them do something else.’   ‘And if I just refuse that destiny? Using my free will as it were.’   ‘Because you won’t. Your destiny has not been decided by others, but by you. You will carry it out because you choose to. Having the ability is nothing if you don’t have the will. And you will have both.’

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