The Woman Shoots Allison

Life, Crime

18:25 - 6th October 2003 AD

The figure raised her gun, glinting in the yellow light of the street lamps as she walked out to point it at Allison. People walked past her line of sight, a few others noticed her and hurried out the way, some screamed. Her hand shook as she aimed, and her face tightened in blind fury. She squeezed the trigger.   Kate turned when the loud crack flew through the air. For a second she thought it may have been lightning, but then another rang out, and she saw the black cloaked woman pointing a gun at a person lying on the floor. The Woman fired four more shots in quick succession, expertly cocking the gun after each pull of the trigger. She continued even after she emptied the entire chamber. She seemed to realise she could no longer fire and kicked the body. Then she spat at it and screamed, ‘I know I can’t kill you yet, but I hope to Hell that you’re suffering right now, you little FUCKING bitch!’ She gave one last kick and looked at the terrified crowd surrounding her. Not one person held her gaze.

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