Daniel's Funeral

Life, Trauma/ Loss

16:00 - 1st October 2003 AD

Daniel's Funeral. Malcolm, Tara, and Alex are taken by Naomi.

Allison heard her thoughts in her head, echoing like her sob earlier, and slowly she realised that she had been speaking. She forced down the embarrassment of making her mind known like that and held back her tears. She lifted her head up and spoke to the crowd. ‘My father…’ She swallowed the sob rising up. ‘My father was a great man. But I am not like him. I’ll never be like him. He believed in God, and Heaven, and Jesus. But, while it may be considered blasphemous to say this here, I do not. I just hope … No, I pray I am wrong. After all these years of his life, after what he’s done for all of us, after making our lives richer because of him, he rots in this box for all eternity. Please God, hear me, he deserves his paradise. A-amen.’

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