Who's Gonna Cry For You?

A snippet based off Cry For You by September

“I never had to say goodbye,” Icarus softly sang as he stood at the counter. He had not been able to sleep, instead deciding to come out to the kitchen and make himself a cup of tea. “You must have known I wouldn’t stay.

“While you were talking ‘bout our life, you killed the beauty of today.” He started to sway his hips. The apartment was quiet this early in the morning, and he didn’t want to be the reason anyone woke up. But Icarus couldn’t help the urge to move that the song filled him with, it was just so infectious.

A soft “Forever and ever, life is now or never. Forever never comes around,” met his ears. Turning around, he saw Andromeda walking into the kitchen. They yawned and said, “Out here enjoying bops without me? Rude.”

A smile crept across Icarus’ face as he responded, “I was trying to let you sleep, Lord knows we all need the rest.”

“You shoulda woke me up, a late night music sesh is always worth it.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, Mother Dearest. Tea?”

“Yuck, gimme a hot chocolate. And stop calling me that! I’m not your mother, bitch.”

At that, Icarus couldn’t help but chuckle.

He turned around, heading to the fridge to grab what he needed to make them a Hot Chocolate as he heard them setting down. When he looked over, they had curled up in a blanket in the corner of the kitchen.

With a soft smile on his face, Icarus turned back to the stove. A soft silence fell over the two, only the sound of milk heating up filled the air.

Achilles was still sleeping, but he could sleep through damn near anything. A little bit of singing wasn’t going to wake the kid.

“You’ll never see me again!” he sang while pouring the now finished Hot Chocolate into a mug. He was careful in handing it to Andromeda, as he didn’t want to spill it all over her.

After that, though, he was free to dance.

And dance he did.

With a tired Andromeda as his witness, Icarus let himself lose all his inhibitions and just exist. He flitted around the kitchen, grabbing a spatula to use as a make-shift microphone as he sang to the Universe.

“So who’s gonna cry for you!” A movement by the entrance to the kitchen draws his attention.

Gray eyes lock with green as Icarus sings, “You’ll never see me again, no matter what you do!”  

The Song:


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