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The Rhyming Curse

Now then, lend me thy ear and I will tell
About illness bringing personal hell.   A strange condition did arise of late,
locally appearing to concentrate
at Caldonia's University,
but not exclusive to that honored seat.   It is a a fairly often handled tool
To blame the Abominations School
Yet those who make horrors their name and trade
But rarely shun deserved accolades.   An illness call it then, but it assails
not bod', but mind. With no infection tail
Likewise, of treatments, there are not any,
And possible causes there are many.   All those afflicted by this sorry state
Must rhyme their words, and their desolate fate:
To speak in iambs, each line feet of five.
And if ten syllables cannot contrive,   The curse restrains them, and their tongue is bound.
They cannot speak or make the smallest sound.1
Many who suffer cannot live so cursed
And take their lives rather than live the worst.   It is not common to take such extremes,
And mostly victims just cower and cry.
It's hard, you see, to live with such strictures.
It sucks when you are stuck with such fixtures.   Such stress can strain fam'ly relationships.
Especially if one does work for tips
A gainful employment may not be kept.
It is easy to lose your peers' respect.   I'm sure you have learned by now of my pains.
Freeing myself incredulity strains.
This is my journal, I am Beck Pentas.
Met her, my fate, please end this suff'ring fast.

1: Victims can moan and groan many odd sounds,
but misunderstanding always abounds.
No actual word can pass their sad lips
Unless with the sickness they come to grips.

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