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The port city of Dorwal

"Stinks of fish, sweat, oil, and seagull shit. I love every bit of it. From the docks to the front gates, Dorwal is every bit of me as I am of it. Except the pickled herring. I hate pickled herring." - Vergil, crew member of the holk gunship The Kraken's Bane   Dorwal is the second largest city in the Kingdom of Adradien, and one of the largest cities in the world. Being one of the kingdom's only major port city, Dorwal is often a gateway for trade from all corners of the world, as well as the destination of emissaries from the neighboring lands. Every day the streets are filled with hundreds of stalls owned by competing merchants, which are quickly surrounded by thousands of potential buyers within the first few hours of dawn. Only Raywyn, Adradien's capital, can rival the buzzing drone of Dorwal's streets.


The majority of the population is human, made up of the various nationalities across Caldanor. There are the occassional dwarven merchants who have made a permenant home within Dorwal, seeing the profits to be made with their businesses


The city is supposed to be ruled by a governor, who enforces the king's rule, keeps the peace, and ensures that taxes are paid by all those require. In reality, the governor rules in name only, with the local guilds holding the real power within the city. In exchange for helping the various governors become extremely wealthy, the guilds are allowed to hold more sway in court, as well as partake more clandestine practices behind the scenes.


The natural harbour is a key defensive asset for the city should any attack come from the sea. All ships that come must eventually enter the bay, forcing them into a bottleneck. Once they come within range, any attackers are then bombarded by wallled cannon and mortar fire from the stone walls beyond the dockyard. Even should they somehow survive the bombardment and enter the dockyard, the attacks would still be forced to contend with the city walls, which reach roughly forty feet high. With a mix of firearms, bows, and crossbows the attackers will be cut to ribbons before they are able to place their siege engines.


The major export of Dorwal is various types of sea creatures; cod, herring, salmon, crab, oysters, and clams to name only a few. Deeper in the city you come across the normal tradesmen; tanners, smiths, tailors, and so on. Goods of all kinds come from all over; wine, ale, and other spirits from Releons (Rel-ee-on furs, pelts, hides, and skins from Norvathen; stone, marble, and timber from Wessar; and black powder, refined ores, and gemstones from the Dwarven Empire. Formerly food and timber was being exported from the land of the Elvarith, but trade has ceased since the start of the Second Adradien-Galwood War


The most notalbe asset of Dorwal would be its dockyard, famous for its natural harbour that has been instrumental defending against Drankaran raids or sea creature attacks. It can hold at least two hundred warships, merchant and diplomatic vessels, and untold thousands of fishing boats both big and small.


Dorwal was, like many cities, initially a small village that was nothing but a speck on the map. It was during the rule of King Eadwulf I that the little village began the journey into prosperity. Eadwulf had been out hunting for a band of Orcish raiders that had been plauging his lands, and eventually found them preparing to attack the village. It was unnamed then, but Eadwulf took an interest in the place. After they dispatched the orcs and made their way to the village, he took a liking to their salted crab, which he had never had before. He paid handsomly for several crates of the stuff before declaring that he would send regular orders throughout the year whenever he ran out. This small endorsement would allow the tiny village to prosper and grow as word spread of the opportunities that were quickly growing. Five hundred years have passed since that time, and Dorwal has grown into the bustling metropolis that it is now.
Large city
Just over 500,000 souls.
King Alkor Kalistad II

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