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Grand Inquisitor of the Guardian's Holy Church

"We are the righteous who stand before the wicked! We are the light that casts away the darkness! We are the Guardian's instruments against the heretics that would see Him destroyed! Follow me brothers to battle! We are the Inquisition! And we shall! Not! Break!" - Grand Inquisitor Brygon, addressing his men before the Battle of Velsane   Formed in 1083 during the Adradien Civil War through cooperation between the royal family and the Church, the Inquisition acts as the right hand of the Church, enforcing the Guardian's will wherever they are commanded. On the outside, they hunt down and convert heretics in all corners of the civilized world, executing those who do not embrace the Guardian as their deity. Behind the scenes however they act as the eyes and ears of the Church, both as a powerful military force and a skilled covert organization. They fight on the battlefield, backstab in the shadows, and stand proudly in the light. Each Inquisitor is proficient in all manner of skills, but most important is the strength of their faith. One cannot become one of their number without proving that they will not break before the ordeals they may endure.   The greatest among them is the Grand Inquisitor, the highest ranking member of the organization. His authority rivals that of monarchs, answering only to the highest echelons of the Church itself. They command the Inquisitions forces on the battlefield, directs and positions their agents wherever they are needed, and leads from the front in the persecution of heretics and pagans.


A minimum of tens years of service is required to be considered eligible for the position. Potential candidates are put through various trials to prove their abilities. These may include skill at arms or exercises of the mind, but the most important and difficult is the test of their faith. Should a candidate show any sign of sympathy, doubt, or the slightest hint at wavering, they will be expunged from the trials and may not be considered for another decade.


When an individual is finally chosen to become the new Grand Inquisitor, there is an extensive ceremony held within the Vacirica. The process is very much like the coronation of a Monarch, with special ceremonial attire worn by all in attendance, with dignitaries and monarch's being invited from the neighboring kingdoms. The candidate is brought within the Papal Palace dressed in his finest regalia. He kneels before the Pope, reciting the same vows he made when first inducted into the organization. One more vow is made afterwards: to forever safeguard the Inquisition and the Church, even to the end of days. He is then given an amulet made of gold and silver, with a combined centerpiece of white, black, and red onyx, representing the Inquisition's colours. Only death may release them from the vows they have taken that day. Only the Church and the Guardian remain.


Duties include answering the Pope's summons when called, along with all those given the authority to speak on his behalf. He is to carry out any orders or objectives given to him to the letter, though the means by which they do so is dependant on the individual. Otherwise they direct where the Inquisition's agents are to go where needed. On the rare occassion that the Inquisition is moved to military action, the Grand Inquisitor may choose to send a second in their place, or take direct command of their forces in the field.


Being a man of piety and virtue before their induction into the Inquisition, personal expenses are often forgone in favour of a monthly stipend for simple neccesseties.   Politically however, he has a great deal of influence and leeway in various simply by having his position. Few wish to stand in the way of the Church's authority and therefore show immense respect and leniency towards the Grand Inquisitor than most others.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Only by death have most Grand Inquisitors been relieved of their positions. Rare exceptions are made for those who are deemed to be unfit for their responsibilities, or believed to not have the Church's (and therefore the Guardians) interests in mind. In such an event, they may be officially removed via Papal Decree, or assassinated depending on the Grand Inquisitor's own agenda.

Religious, Military
Alternative Naming
High Inquisitor, Lord Inquisitor, or simply Inquisitor (though the latter depends on the man holding the title)
Source of Authority
The Pope, also known as the Supreme Pontiff, and also the Guardian Above, deity of the Sun.
Length of Term
Until death or otherwise deemed unfit for duty.

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