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The Calanthian Pantheon

Eternal and everlasting, the deities of the Calanthian Pantheon have always been, and always will be. Creators of the world and of its denizens, they watch over all creation, across the multitude of planes that make up existence.

The power of worship

Although they are powerful entities by nature, their strength is directly related to how they are worshiped. Various churches and cults are spread out through Calanthia, feeding their power and statute. Due to this, some competition exists between the deities, particularly with the ones with more flexible moral codes. 

Breakers of the Titans

During the Titanfall, the deities of the Pantheon were the primary driving force behind the mortal armies that banded together to defeat the Titans. Fearing that their direct intervention in the Material Plane could provoke a cataclysmic event, they imbued a piece of their essence into several Relics , providing just the right amount of force to help drive the Titans back.  

Distant and unconcerned

  In more modern times, the prime deities of Calanthia have not taken much interest in the affairs of the Material Plane. Scholars argue that since the Titanfall, extra-planar threats are orders of magnitude more destructive than anything mortals are experiencing, and therefore the deities have more pressing matters to attend to. Others simply say that they have grown bored after a few millennia of toying with their creations, and have moved on. Either way, their presence in the society of the Material Plane is largely only felt through subtle influences, and through the actions of those with a faith strong enough to draw power from them.

The threat of the Sundering

The reality of the fact is that the deities are wise enough to understand the risks of direct intervention in the Material Plane. Deities are jealous by nature, and if one were to start performing spectacular miracles, the others would soon want to follow in their example. Multiple and frequent displays of such awesome powers would stress the fabric of the Weave to its limit, potentially resulting in what is theorised by some deities as the Sundering, a cataclysmic event that could irreparably alter all of creation.

On the New Gods

Due to the relatively small scale of their worship bases, the New Gods have largely stayed under the radar of the prime deities. However, the rapid rise in popularity of Andais, the Queen of What-Lies-Beyond, has led to some of them paying more attention to this potentially new threat to their creation.

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