The Era of Peace

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Cal'dasria is in a time of peace following the end of the Grand Conquest, a war of domination perpetrated by the Imperium of Andur. After the Imperiums sound defeat at the hands of the Alliance of Free Kingdoms, it was reduced to a vassal state controlled by the Alliance and the Imperiums' Emperor, Emperor Hildran Almoor, was allowed to continue leading, but only as the face while all the power is in the hands of the Alliance council.   The Alliance of Free Kingdoms is made up of four kingdoms. The Elven kingdom of Kala'dasana, a land of art and beauty but also of ancient knowledge due to the long lifespan of its elven inhabitants and their grand archives. Kala'dasana is ruled strictly by a High Council of elected officials and its' laws are ironclad and airtight.   The Human kingdom of Andalor, an industrious kingdom known for its innovation and impressive army, artificers from across the world flock to Andalor to hone their skills in the grand institutes of creation. Andalor is ruled by its royal family, a family that has ruled from the inception of the kingdom. While the current king, King Caleb Andalor, is reaching his twilight year, he is still a brilliant tactician with the martial skill to match.   The Dwarven kingdom of Dal Dural, a kingdom built on mining, rich ore veins run through the Ironspine Mountains and the Dwarven people are proud to quarry those minerals with the skill and precision of an archer, they then go on to process those minerals and gems into some of the mode beautiful pieces of craftsmanship ever seen. Jewellery of amazing quality, weapons of unparalleled strength, architecture of unmatched complexity. Dal Dural is an empire, ruled by Emperor Duriznon Darkdelver. He rules with an iron fist and calls himself the undisputed ruler of Forgehold, Dal Durals capital.    Although Dal Dural isn't the only Dwarven kingdom, the other is known as the Obsidian Fleet. A grand fleet of citadel ships that are functionally floating cities each to their own, there are seven ships in total and their government is lead by the Admiral Council. The original admiral council was formed in secret, made of a group of Admirals in the Dal Dural navy, that disagreed with how Duriznon Darkdelver came to power and following the construction and maiden voyage of the citadel ships have sailed for 357 years.   And finally, the kingdom of Assilinor, a kingdom known as the cultural amalgamation of the entire continent, if you want to see someone from anywhere on the continent then all you need do is walk down the main thorofare of one of its beautiful cities and you'll see many people from all different walks of life. Assilinor is ruled by a Tortle, King Odik Galu, a wise and friendly ruler but also a deeply superstitious man. He rules fairly and justly, always endeavouring to give everyone a chance to give their side of the story.   As for religion, the gods worshipped are that of the Norse Pantheon with one exception, there is another church. The Church of the Creators, this religion believes that there was a pair of gods that created everything. There was Tiius, the Father, God of War, Death, Knowledge, Trickery and the Forge. There was also Ostara, the Mother, Goddess of Life, Nature, Death and the Tempest. The Church of the Creator says that the Creator created everything and that all beings are their children. The Church believes that all that needs to be worshipped are the creators but don't discriminate against other faiths as they believe that the creators either created the other gods or at least the concept of other gods.