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The Point of Inception

South of the Blighted Lands lies an archipelago known to the rest of the world as the Arven Islands, once claimed by the Seanachaisians, now largely uninhabited and greatly altered by the void energy that now touches the shores and ambiently drifts through the jungles that grow there. From this point, the first Ougham walked forth, confused and curious about the world around it. Over the next decade this new creature, spawned from the jungle flora of Cairne that had mingled with the void energy of the Blight, spawned the beginning of the Ougham race. The location is now as close to a sacred site as the Ougham get, and it is here that "I" now resides, as a point of safety for the race assuring that there will always be at least one here, and to actively maintain the study of the Blight and the forces that created them.

Localized Phenomena

One of the last remaining locations that is capable of vegetative growth, this location was able, through the natural diffusion process of filtering the water and air of Cairne though abundant and fertile, volcanic soil, to not only survive the drastic changes brought about by the Blight, but to change and grow along side it, spawning countless strange mutations and variants of life, not least of which is the Ougham.
Alternative Name(s)
Arven Islands

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