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The Pact of Erindall

As the wars finally began to come to a close following the involvement of the Ghost Brigade and the realization that the war was unsustainable and potentially steering the world towards a second cataclysm, the ruling powers that remained, the Bechtlarite Empire, The Dwarves of Underhome, the Hiversteadians, the Ventrytes, and the Ongommu Tae, came together to discuss and agree to terms of peace and to negotiate trade and treaty for the future of their lives. It was here the main continent was divided up and the final end to the war of Human Attrition was settled.


Following numerous defeats at the hands of the mysterious Ghost Brigade prior to their disappearance, and the damage done to one another in the fighting, the Pact was in purpose a peace treaty put forward in an attempt to salvage what they could from a no win situation that had reached across the globe. This was meant to be a lasting peace and to break up the Bechtlarite Empire into smaller, independant sects that were to be self governed and free to pursue their own paths. As a secondary measure, a number of trade agreements were worked out as well as a means to not only move the global economic situation into a realm where everyone could benefit, but also to help place a sense of reliance upon all those involved, creating a loose peace that hinged on each faction at the table needing the others.

Historical Details


Following the Blight the world broke out in a massive civil war as the Bechtlarite Empire fractured into dozens of smaller sects, all vying for power and control. While most of these factions were either wiped out or absorbed by others, it did not take long before the war spilled into the lands of other nations, forcing their involvement on some level or another. As time stretched on and the sudden emergence of the Ghost Brigade began to make the war incredibly costly both financially and in the lives that were lost, it became clear that, barring the destruction of the majority of life on the planet, nothing else could be gained. The remaining human factions and the dwarves of Underhome gathered in a small neutral location and discussed, wrote, signed and publicized what would become known as the Pact of Erindall.


The basis for this document remains a standing pillar of purpose to this day. It has never been openly breached or broken, though some have edged that line very closely. This precedent led to the Benevolent Order being founded, the ratification of Order 41 that created the Wraith Guard and fairly universal laws outlawing magic, and created a lasting trade situation that has sustained a world on the brink of destruction for many years.

Public Reaction

The public, in general, viewed this as a positive step in the right direction, though there were many cultural variations on the purpose and reason for it. The Becht people saw it as a chance for, not only redemption, but perhaps even a fresh start. The dwarves wished for an end to fighting because, unbeknownst to the rest of the gathered nations, the attempt to hold back the darkness below ground was failing quickly, and they could not maintain the gargantuan effort they were sustaining for very long. The Ongommu Tae merely wanted a return to the lives they all agreed mattered, and a return the agrarian values. The Ventrytes, though bitter about the land they were given, were one of the smaller factions at the time of the war, and saw this as a chance for survival and to build something true to who they were. The Hiversteadians asked for very little beyond being left alone to find their place in the world, and opted to move into a remote location in order to do just that.


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I would love some links to other connections in your world, specifically the Ghost Brigade. You're hinting at some interesting bits of history here!

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First and foremost, thank you VERY much for the lovely and encouraging words! Cairne is being expanded in writing (so much more is still locked in my noggin!) every day by myself, and my dear team of players/tester/contributors so there will be much more to come.   The Ghost Brigade in particular is something that I am greatly looking forward to expanding on, but for now, there are hints at a few items concerning them hidden in other parts of the world ;)   Your interest does encourage me to expand on them soon though, so keep an eye out!   And thank you again!

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