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The Bone Cask

The underground nerve center of the Seanachaisian resistance fighters. The main hall and dorms are hidden within the catacombs of Armuund, utilizing both collapsed tunnels and the Seanachaisian knack for the arts to dissuade and confuse those that would attempt to find them. Deeper still is the actual armory, propaganda studios, and numerous music rooms and hidden chambers. The surrounding tunnels are filled with wandering feral animals, the occasional patrol of Burnt Crows, and the bones of the Becht dating back to before the cataclysm. The entrances are ornate in design but easy to miss. Many series of secret doors, ingenuitive locks, and ruthless traps line the ways in and out of the Bone Cask, but the sure footed Crows know the way intimately and seldom have a hard time losing those that would stalk them in the necropolis below the great capital city of the Becht. There are also numerous staging points the freedom fighters use to gain access and quick exits in and out of the city streets strewn throughout the locations nearer the surface, but the practice, in accordance with Sighnai, is to destroy and move them often and as randomly as possible.
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