World ember 2021 Article List

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I wrote 78 articles total, across 100,377 words during World Ember 2021. This article exists to organize all my World Ember articles in an easier to follow format than my Competition Page or the World Ember 2021 and Progress article. Here they are organized by category. Many of the articles I am happy with, but I will be editing them throughout the year. Other goals include expanding the map, creating art for species articles I already wrote (as well as portraits for those in the Galactic Compendium of Sapient Species), and writing a separate article for every member of the Crew of the Void Chaser.

With this, I'm done worldbuilding for probably the rest of this month. I'm going to go read through other people's worldbuilding efforts at least for this week, then I'm done for awhile.

Locations: 10 articles

The Image to the right shows a red square over each location I wrote about during the month (plus one I didn't publish). I actually didn't cover nearly as much area as I wanted to, but I am planning to fill out the Kenerif continent with locations throughout the year. The actual formatting of the location articles is going to change a little, but they are decent enough for now. I am also going to extend the map to the southeast to cover the City of Argen. This way, every location where my human characters visit or locations that are referenced in the story are covered. I am hoping to finish by World Ember 2022. You can see the map below what I have mapped out with the red square, the green square is what I will be expanding to.
((While not filled in with map markers yet, the Full sized map of Kenerif can be found here))

Species: 10 articles

I was really hoping to write considerably more species articles. I had written three overview articles that cover entire animal families for Hanging Jellies, Flying Lizards, and Chirodans, and the plan was to write a separate article for each described genera within, but that didn't happen. Oh well... Getting the species articles finished and writing new ones isn't a huge priority for me but I will be working on art for them through the year.


Food: 12 articles

I somehow wrote 12 Food articles, covering off-tasting 3D printed meals to the favorite foods of several of my Regalti characters. It actually took a bit of effort to plan out some of the food articles, and I almost spent longer writing them than other articles, all to make the point that these Aliens, aren't really that alien and eat the same things humans do, much to the joy of some humans, and to the depressing reality of others. Nearly all the food here is from the Bevarian Culture, which is mostly European inspired. Bevarian culture pretty much just dominates Regalti civilization as a whole. I have no idea how I want traditional Fevarik cuisine to appear yet other than the Jinani Vinaigrette article...It's a goal for this year.
Also, I only made one ingredient article in the form of Grenaya, which is just the Collena version of broccoli. Not sure why I started with that one but it works. At some point this year, I plan to make an article for every single ingredient I've mentioned over the last two years (about 30 or so total). That, or I just save it for World Ember 2022...

Characters: 3 articles

With Elya Sarai, that makes 4 crew members of the Starship Void Chaser done. I...still have a few to go. Still need to do the captain, the commander, the mechanics, the other pilot, the radar operator, the dozen man mercenary unit, I might be missing one or two... (note to self: Maybe don't take a year to do the rest....).

Shara Anri
Character | Dec 22, 2021

Near blank and emotionless clone that works aboard the Starship Void Chaser...

Technology: 2 articles

Organizations: 2 articles

Everything Else: 7 articles

Articles from Another World: 32 articles

Just to show that I did in fact type out around 100,000 words, here are links to all the articles I wrote in my other world for World Ember. Usually I only touch this world when I am burned out of the Cairn Sector, and Oh man was I burnt out at points last month!::

  JRPG Story/History Related::
  • The State of the World: Parallel World Mesa - 1095
  • The State of the World: Parallel World Ares - 1102
  • Story Part 1: A Familiar Place?
  • Story Part 2: A New World?
  • Story Part 3: Onwards towards Juno

  • Fall of Iron Story/History Related::
  • History of the Races of Man
  • The Reluctant Prince

  • Worldbuilding Related::
  • The Knight Scions
  • Magic Overview
  • Chemical Elements and their effects on Mana
  • 1 - Hydrogen
  • Magic Scars
  • Living Stone

  • Conditions/Status effects::
  • Berserk
  • Blindness
  • Burning
  • Combustible
  • Death Sentence
  • Drench
  • Poison
  • Regeneration
  • Serenity
  • Shock
  • Sleep
  • Stone

  • Items:
  • Weak Health Potion
  • Strong Health Potion

  • Legendary Items:
  • Kren Aurdel
  • Glace Stones
  • Silverfish

  • Everything Else:
  • Vreathe Glossary - World Ember 2021 Edition

  • Cover image: by world Anvil


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