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Everyone got mad at me for being all depressed and asked me to show a little spirit. it goes:

I'm in space!!!
Me and my friends have travelled more than any other human. We're the first to have met aliens and will be the first humans to step foot on another alien world!

Yay! ...can I go back to Earth now?
-Sarah's Journal


Sarah Lucas is one of four humans abducted by aliens, finding herself aboard the Starship Void Chaser and later on the Planet Collena. The aliens wanted to introduce the humans and the human species as a whole to the galaxy and elevate their civilization, but Sarah never wanted this. She wants to go back home and experience what is normal for her, which is watching anime and going to college finishing her degree.


Sarah is a difficult person to understand to most people because of how realistic and indifferent she is. Her words often come off as cold, if not outright insensitive at times, but compared to the arrogant Juan, the careless Asha, and the heedful Ryan, Sarah is the most level headed of the bunch.
Sarah hates the impossible and being unable to explain things. She is rational and realistic, but critical of a lot of things to a lot of people. She's normally polite and insightful about it, normally. Sarah tries to stay calm and rational, but when you get her angry, be prepared to be proven wrong, sometimes in the most venomous way possible. She can be friendly and warm when she wants to be, but her view of reality for what it is, is always at odds against people with the slightest sort of idealism.

Early Life

Sarah was born in Tampa, Florida in 1992. Thanks to the job her parents had in the military, she spent most of her childhood moving between various cities every few years. Because of this, she never made very many friends to begin with. The friends she did have hated getting into arguments with her because she didn't understand why a rabbit would hide eggs or how a man would deliver presents to a billion children each year. There was one particular instance where the classroom pet died and Sarah decried the idea of a 'hamster heaven'. Needless to say, Sarah was not a popular girl in elementary school.

During Sarah's teenage years, her parents stopped moving around, allowing Sarah to go through all four years of highschool in the same location. She joined an anime club and spent most nights binge watching with friends. She also got interested in biology around this time and wanted to pursue that as a career path. After finishing highschool, she attended college in Gainesville, Florida.
Full Name: Sarah Michelle Lucas
Birthday: June 15th
Age: 22
Species: Human
Ethnicity: American
Birthplace: Tampa, FL

Sex: Female
Height: 1.77m
Weight: 68kg
Build: Average
Appearance: Usually neat
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Gray
Complexion: Light

Languages spoken:
  • English (Fluent)
  • Spanish (Some skill)
  • French (Some skill)
  • Japanese (Basic understanding)
  • Children


    Sarah disappeared in September 2014 along with several other people. This disappearance was attributed to a tornado spawned during the landfall of a Hurricane. The Storm ripped apart the home Sarah was in at the time, and a subsequent explosion caused by a gas leak obliterated any remains that would have been left. Oddly very little damage was recorded for other homes in the area and eyewitness reports didn't confirm the existence of a tornado.

    Despite an intense search, no human remains were found at the sight of the destroyed home. While officials in the state of Florida determined she had died, several federal agencies instead marked her as a missing person.
    Government report on the adbuction

    Captive of the Tarlen Lekon

    Sarah did not actually die in September 2014. She was actually taken aboard the Starship Void Chaser. Taken against her will to a world a thousand light-years from home, Sarah was to be one of the first humans to ever visit an alien world and live to tell the story. Sarah and the other three humans brought with her were to be the catalyst for change in the galaxy and humanity's entry into the Galactic community, or at least that was one of the many ways it was explained to her in the months since she left Earth.

    Of the four humans that were abducted, Sarah was the only one who didn't trust or believe the Captain Uul's story. She even believed most of the aliens to be ignorant of what their actual mission was concerning the humans, and of the ones that did know, she never got an answer she was satisfied with. Over the next several months, she became increasingly depressed and isolated, to the point that her brother and human friends had trouble talking to her. She started to miss home greatly, to the point where almost anything she said was a comparison to something back on Earth. In her depression, she kept to herself more and more, writing in her journal, hardly talking to anyone.
    "According to Captain Uul, we were going to be taken to the Galactic Council to prove the existence of humans and force a vote on allowing Earth to join them. When I asked why the humans they chose included an anime fan, a gaming junkie, an asshole, and my brother, I got a long-winded explanation, that basically said, literally any four humans would have worked.

    So...yeah. At the time, we didn't matter. I'm still not sure we ever did."



    Sarah spent a lot of her free time reading biology articles for her studies. When she left Earth, this turned into to her reading about life on the planet Collena once she learned the Regalti's language. She is enthralled by reading about the many similarities between Earth and Collena biology and reading about the many examples of convergent evolution. She is also absolutely horrified at the many differences. While she has access to information about alien life on other worlds, she has been sticking to Collena because the life there is the most Earth-like and familiar to her.


    Sarah also occasionally plays videogames. Though she prefers playing alone, playing games with Ryan is how she became friends with Asha and how she came to know Juan before they left Earth. Even though Ryan, Asha, and Juan regularly put on the Regalti gaming headsets and play in several different virtual worlds for hours, even days at a time, Sarah doesn't trust the aliens or their technology and refuses to allow her mind to be accessed like that.


    Sarah reads and watches a lot of manga and anime and it is her main escape from reality. The Regalti have similar concepts in comics and animation as humans do (though the Vusinor and Maorians definitely, definitely do not!), and it became a point of comfort for Sarah during the time she was on the planet Collena. In her increasing isolation from everyone else, she spent a lot of time watching Fevarik television, much of which could be comparable to anime in some way.

    I don't understand how they can put on that headset and enjoy it? Yes it changes the perception of time and lets you play a month of videogames in, like, 8 hours. Yes, it allows you to experience a world as if it was real. Yes, the graphics also look real. It's also hijacking your mind while you play. Why can't they understand that...
    -Sarah's Journal


    Ryan Lucas

    Sarah's Brother. The two have shared interests in anime and gaming. Ryan's idealism is the only one that Sarah will pay any attention to, but she is just as critical of Ryan as anyone else. The two gradually grew distant from each other after leaving Earth. Ryan is enjoying his time living with the Regalti experiencing a new world, where Sarah is not.

    "Ryan is quiet, mostly. Normally, he's in his books and games, lost to reality, but there's the rare instance that he doesn something incredibly...dumb. Like the time he fought an alligator to save the neighbor's dog! That's what the scars on his leg came from."

    Asha Martin

    Sarah's friend. The two met by way of Ryan while they were playing an online game. Despite having played thousands of hours of games together, the two don't really know each other that well and they annoy each other as often as they agree on something.

    "There isn't really much to say about Asha. I know her through playing several MMOs, but beyond her love for games, and her occasional mention of her religion, I don't know anything about her. Some friend I am, I guess..."

    Juan Soto

    Calling Juan a friend is somewhat of a stretch, as the two kind of hate each other. Sarah usually calls Juan by his middle name, David, because that is how Juan introduced himself to her originally. They do oddly agree with each other more than they do with Ryan or Asha, such as their view that the Regalti are 'Space Elves' and that the Maorians look suspiciously like the Moai statues of Easter Island.

    "David is the most unbelievably annoying asshole ever! How can anyone go five minutes without getting pissed at something he says? And I swear to her goddess if Asha says that me and David are perfect for each other one more time..."

    Elya Sarai

    Elya's idealistic points of view annoys Sarah, but other than that the two became good friends after Sarah left Earth. Even after Sarah grew quiet and distant from everyone else, Elya kept annoying her with questions about her world, and constantly dragged Sarah out of the house to go do things. Sarah's personality oddly doesn't drive Elya away like it has other people.

    "Ryan comes to me for advice sometimes, but the last time was about Elya. I can't tell if it's adorable that Ryan finally has a crush on a girl, or if I'm supposed to feel something else because they are two completely different species. But, Elya's okay, maybe..."

    Sarah's Journal

    This journal is a small hardcover book, about 20x15 cm in size, with 144 sewn sheets. The pages appear to be faintly blue under normal light, but when looking at it from a Regalti's eyes (or with nanomachine modified vision to see UV light), the pages appear to be much brighter and almost white. Sarah writes in this constantly, filling it with her personal thoughts, as well as notes and observations about the beings around her and the alien worlds she's been to.

    Sarah knows that at least three of the aliens can read english, so she writes in the journal using a caesar shift to try throwing them off. Shifting letters by three positions seemed to confuse the aliens ability to read it completely and Sarah is still able to quickly read and write this way. An example of what she actually writes is shown to the right, but all other examples of her writing are in normal text.

    Author's Note: Sarah is the only human that writes anything through the story. the other three humans are too busy playing video games or hanging out with the aliens to do such things. Sarah also misses home quite a bit and her writings will often compare something from Earth with whatever alien thing she is looking at. Her journal entries have a textured blue background and a different font to distinguish it from normal blue containers.
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    -Sarah's Journal (Encrypted)

    How did I get this journal, out in space, on an alien starship, where literally everyone has a tablet within arms reach of them at all times? I got it from Kaline Serna, the pilot of the Voidchaser. I was complaining making a point a few days ago about not wanting to write anything in a computer system that the aliens could track, so Kaline gave me this blank journal plus a few pens! It's a pretty plain blank journal that looks like anything I've seen on Earth.

    Speaking of Kaline, she has a similar aversion to the alien technology as I do, but I don't think it's because she doesn't want to use it. Also, She has been so nice to us since we were forced to live on this starship. Kind of reminds me of Auntie Charlotte!

    ...I miss home (yep, I'm going to be writing that alot...)
    -Sarah's Journal


    Cover image: by Face from Art Breeder, Globe by NASA
    Character Portrait image: Sarah by Chrispy_0/Artbreeder


    Author's Notes

    This is the first of many, many article rewrites that I'm likely going to be spending the rest of the year doing. Concentrating on rewriting characters and writing other major characters in my world first. I still kind of suck at writing people, but hopefully the end up way more fleshed out than before.

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