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"How could I not pick up a little of this 'Spanish'? You three have been speaking it for almost a month now so the Captain can't understand you! Elya and Kaline even learned a few phrases."

"Don't tell any--? I don't care--...actually, no wait! I won't tell anyone, but now you have to do something for me!"


Raini Fior is a Letian Regalti from the nation of Lathin. She was born in the capital city of Carna-Ven, located in the nation's central area. Growing up, she was into sports and other games, but never settled on one she liked. She has a photographic memory which was great for her career. She has six different licenses to practice medicine on six vastly different alien biologies. She can also learn languages just by listening to others speak it for several weeks and finding the common areas between what she already knows..


Raini can best be described as immature, manipulative, and gets bored easily. She is prone to ignoring other people and usually only does something to prove she can. Raini is generally a reasonable person, but she tends to not care about other people's issues and doesn't care to see the bigger picture. She'll help you with just about anything you need, but you have better have something to offer her in return, and if she is talking to you, it is usually because she wants something.

Early Life

Raini was born in the year 370 After Exodus, in the city of Carna-Ven, Lathin. Most of the nation of Lathin was quite abandoned with empty cities and ruined industrial areas. Most of the population either lives in the capital city, or in tiny villages and farms scattered across the countryside. Most ethnic Letians live in space, including virtually all of Raini's extended family.

Like most Regalti, Raini started her schooling when she was 8 years old (10 Eyears). The school system in Lathin has for several years been using a technology called a Time Dilation Headset to accelerate learning. Raini only needed to use it once a week, so this gave her plenty of free time during her childhood and early teen years.

Raini spent her free time trying out various sports and other activities. First, when she was 8, She played a sport called Gravity Ball. After that, she got into video games in the off season, then when she was 9 entered a Kedon league instead of playing gravity ball again. When the Kedon season ended, she got into astronomy, then got into an agility based sport called Yaraki. Her switching between interests every few months continued for several more years.

When Raini was 12 (16 Eyears) she went to college for the hardest subject she thought there was, which was for medicine, mostly because she thought she was going to get bored anyways, but also because her parents were concerned their kid's short attention span would prevent her from even completing college, and Raini wanted to prove them wrong.

Raini attented the planetside Bevarian School of Biology, attending a number of classes in person, and also went to several more using the time dilation headset. Within two years of real time, she easily learned the biologies of five distinct species. The Regalti and Zarni are both mamalian and similar enough, but she also learned the plant-like Vusinor, the refrigeration biology of the Maorian, and the toxic nature of the Yil. these were difficult subjects, especially for a Regalti to learn. She graduated college with the highest honors.

Birthday: 6th of lornhan (8th month)
Age: 20 Eyears (15 Ryears)
Species: Regalti
Ethnicity: Letian
Birthplace: Carna-Ven, Lathin

Sex: Female
Height: 1.6m
Weight: 51kg
Build: Athletic
Appearance: Keeps her feathers neatly combed.
Feather Color: Blue-Red
Eye Color: Light Blue
Complexion(neutral): Slightly tan and covered in freckles. Appears sunburnt.

Languages Spoken:
  • Athorni (First Language)
  • Delvian (Common)(Fluent)
  • Vevari (Fluent)
  • English (Fluent)
  • Vusin (Fluent)
  • Aorian (Fluent)
  • Villik (Fluent)
  • Spanish (Basic)
  •   Licenses/Degrees:
  • Degree in Medicine
  • Degree in Biology
  • Medical licenses in the following:
  • Regalti
  • Maorians
  • Zarni
  • Vusinor
  • Yil
  • "Vusinor"
  • Children

    Recruited for a Mission...

    When she was 13 Ryears old (17 earth years), she was approached by Kaline Serna, Uul, and an unnamed Vusinor. They approached her because Raini's medical knowledge with so many species would make her a perfect medical officer on a starship.

    Uul wanted Raini to join the Regalti Allied Navy (or RAN) for training, and join his crew for a mission. Raini outright refused at first. She hates being told what to do. By the end of the conversation, she accepted the offer because she was able to make Uul tell her exactly what the mission was about: Go to a mudball planet called Earth, more or less kidnap some humans, peform experiments on them, and take them to the Galactic Council to elevate their species and join the galaxy.

    A few weeks later, Raini got on the space elevator to orbit, joined the RAN, and spent the next two years training for the mission. there she met Elya Sarai, Sharla Anri, and Leni Iyan, and became good friends with all three. She also easily learned the language of the humans they were to abduct (English). She was able to speak it quite easily within a few weeks by doing the training and watching Elya and Sharla practice, much to Elya's annoyance who had to spend two years learning it.

    Raini was able to easily learn human biology as well, much quicker than Elya did, and picked up several more languages, learning Vevari and speaking it almost as well as Elya could. She also learned Vusin just to get Sharla to listen to her. With her medical and communication ability, why was Elya designated the senior medical officer aboard the Starship Void Chaser and Raini placed under her? Because of Raini's lack of maturity and her tendency to question orders. Raini being in charge of anyone was seen as a bad idea by the leadership.

    Interests and hobbies

    Raini's interests have changed greatly over the years, so this section will only show the most notable ones with a small list for the rest.


    Kedon is a Fevarik martial art with wooden swords made from Veil Trees. The Letian Regalti have a similar martial art, but Raini prefers the Fevarik version. Raini was especially good with the "Art of Fire", a stance that relies on unpredictable movements and fast attacks. Elya has been her sparring partner for the last several years. Even though Raini has won several competitions and is officially a Master of Fire, she has never beaten Elya, even though Elya has never entered any competition and isn't even that interested in Kedon.

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    Video Games

    Raini's current hook is a game called "Sector Wars", a military shooter centered around a hypothetical invasion of the planet Collena. It has been in release for almost a decade and nearly every major weapon and military across the Cairn Sector's major alien species is represented.

    When Raini is bored she'll also play an MMORPG called "Skirmish for Terra!!!" with Elya. While Elya was ready to give up this game for awhile during the Earth mission, Raini convinced (begged) Captain Uul to let them store a local copy of the game on the starship Voidchaser's servers. The request was granted.

    More interests and hobbies

  • Astronomy (She'll often ask Cordir Kragan about whatever system she's reading about at the time. Chances are, Cordir has been there and he has some crazy tale about it.
  • Music (Claims to not be interested at all, but in a rare instance of Raini caring about another person, she will talk to Sharla about music and listen to her recommendations and compositions)
  • Gravity Ball (Raini played when she was 8 and 10)
  • Yara Kilun (Raini played when she was 9 and 11. Also played a season when she was 14 and attending the RAN Naval Academy.)
  • Track and Field (Raini participated in agility competitions when she was 10 to 13)

  • Friends

    Elya Sarai

    Raini annoyed Elya all through their training at the Naval academy by doing better at almost everything. Raini still annoys Elya occasionally (daily). The two practice Kedon and play video games during their free time. Also, Raini will never admit it and Elya is too kind to elaborate, but Elya is the only reason Raini wasn't kicked out of the academy, on at least four separate occasions.

    "Elya is an amazing friend and she's been there for me over the last few years. I know that I'm disagreeable, like, all the time, to...everyone, and, maybe I need to stop annoying Elya so much, at least on purpose..."

    Sharla Anri

    Sharla is paradoxically the communications specialist aboard the Voidchaser, though She almost never talks to anyone, personally or otherwise. Raini became friends with Sharla because she bothered to learn the Vusin language just to speak to her. Despite speaking in a Vusinor language, Sharla hates actually talking about anything Vusinor related. The two instead mostly talk about music.

    "Sharla will only talk back to you if you know Vusin, which is the language of the Vusinor people. Really... Kind of weird since She grew up on Collena, nowhere near other Vusinor..."

    The humans (Sarah, Asha, Ryan, Juan)

    Raini's main interactions with the four humans has been either playing video games with them, or screwing with them in some way. Raini got frustrated early in the mission when instead of speaking english, three of the humans (Sarah, Juan, and Asha) switched to Spanish and spoke like that whenever they were talking about the nature of their abduction.

    Raini then did something she rarely does. She shut up for a few weeks listening to the humans speak, figuring out the differences in words, listening for the context when the humans switched back to English, all so Raini could speak a little Spanish and annoy them!

    "Asha, Sarah, and Juan were shocked when I spoke Spanish to them a month into the mission, but Sarah's isolating personality and Juan's overall terrible personality made it hard to talk to them. Asha is by far my favorite human!"
    Ryan is so gullible! A few days into the mission, I showed Ryan how Regalti greet each other, which was a lie of course. He said what I told him to say to Elya and she turn so red she turned violet!...or maybe she did turn actual violet which would mean she was...uhm, anyways, then Elya turned actual red and yelled at me for a solid thirty minutes! It was worth it!"

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