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The Starship Void Chaser has a history spanning over a century. The Captain of that ship, Sul se Corvil, has completed hundreds of different mercenary contracts for various space factions. This article lists the most notable missions Sul and his crew have completed. It also expands on the three history entries from the ship article slightly. There is alot of history with this ship and this article will slowly grow over time, but for now, there are five entries.


year A.E.

Construction of the Void Chaser

250-254 A.E.
Sul se Corvil stepped down from his position as advisor to the Bevarian Royal Navy, now the Regalti Allied Navy, after around 400 years of helping the Regalti build up a military presence in space. He once again became a mercenary, doing contracts for whoever could afford him. He flew for a time in various older Regalti craft but had comissioned the construction of a new ship.

The Void Chaser was constructed in the Lanthium Launch Alliance Ship Yards and took about six months to build. Along with other ships of its class, they were the fastest ships the Regalti ever built at the time. Sul needed a crew so he made contact with several old friends, including a Vusinor Researcher named Zilda Marn, and a Mechanic named Vusinor Toring Qerjan. While few of them are here today, they made up the first crew of the Void Chaser.

Original Void Chaser Crew (as of 354 A.E.)
Sul se Corvil: Captain
Shanor Areth: Lietenant
Zilda Marn: Medical Officer
Toring Qerjan: Mechanic
Gorin Varka: Communications

Norya Laikor: Pilot
Kori Laikor: Pilot
Karlo Foreth: Weapons Operator

Saving the Tree of Life

270 A.E.
As the Void Chaser was still newly built it was one of the faster ships in the system. The trees of the Nor Li Valla valley on the planet Collena was hit by an invasive fungus that was killing a sacred groves of trees. The Vusinor had to deal with this on other systems in the past and already had a fungicide made, freely offering it to the Regalti if they could acquire it in time. The problem was that this material was in another star system. Due to the positionings of the Black Gate and the planets at the time, it would have taken most ships a month to get there and back, which would have meant certain doom for the Tree of Life.

Sul loaded as much Helium-4 on the Void Chaser as he could and had the crew run the engines at maximum power for as long as they would hold out. The Void Chaser accomplished the mission in a week. It also completely destroyed its Ion engines to do so, which took six months to rebuild. During this rebuild, the Vusinor allowed Sul to installed Antimatter-Fusion Pulse Engines in the ship.

Defeating the Pirates of the Revael System

301 A.E.
Due to how the black gates work, a lot of Maorian space pirates have been able to hide in uninhabited systems away from civilization inbetween raids. When it was discovered that they had a massive force holed up in the Revael system, it was determined that it would be best to bomb the black gate from their side and cut them off from the rest of the Cairn Sector forever, and the Void Chaser was contracted to deliver that bomb.

When Sul arrived in that system, he learned that there were more than pirates living there. There was an entire unknown Maorian colony, forced there due to various circumstances. Sul rigged a fake dead man's switch to the bomb, landed in the middle of the colony, and negotiated an end to hostilities. The Revael Colony dismantled it's attack ships and is now part of the Maorian Colony Alliance.

"Last" Mission of the Void Chaser

378 A.E.
The Void Chaser was contracted to go a remote water world and check on a Vusinor Crew of the ship Water Splicer. They disappeared researching a primitive race called the Maenor. It was the Siltauxen system. The world there was called Ablabok by the local species that lived entirely under water. While retired from mercenary work for more than 50 years, Sul recruited Zilda Marn for this mission as she has been to the planet in the past and is known by the extremely long lived race there.

Sul picked up a mini submarine and aquatic gear for this mission. On landing on the planet, they went underwater to the site of the alien civilization. After making contact, Zilda was told that the monsters are back. They always come back when the ice melts. The Vusinor crew was devoured by them. The Maenor asked Zilda and her crew to leave. The Void Chaser wasn't leaving though, not until they found answers.

Further exploration revealed the truth about these monsters. The Maenor spoke of them the last time Zilda was on the world, saying they were trapped by the ice and always come back to devour life that tries to crawl on land. The Crew discovered that these monsters were a wayward Areakeyuk legion. Without their connection to their hive mind 75,000 light-years on the other side of the galaxy, they revert to the base programming, which is to devour all life, grow their legion and go back to their hive.

The reason the Areakeyuk always fail is that the species hibernates in cold weather and their ship was damaged, and without their connection to the hive mind, none of them know how to repair the ship. They get a brief burst of activity every few thousand years when the planet warms and ice starts melting, but its only for a century or so, then the ice refreezes and the Areakeyuk are forced back into hibernation.

Areakeyuk without a hive connection are extremely dangerous. The Crew voted on what to do next and it was determined that destroying the legion ship was the best option. They rigged one of their fighter craft with a large tank of kerosene to drop on the ship's entrance. The fuel would weaken the armor and allow a direct shot with the ship's main cannon. Kaline and Zilda were flying the fighter craft.

As they got closer, the release switch for the tank was malfunctioning. The Areakeyuk were becoming aware of the Void Chaser's presence and started swarming. Zilda got out of the fighter mid flight and was working on the release, but was getting swarmed by Areakeyuk drones. Zilda took out a pistol and destroyed the release and fell with the tank. About a minute after the tank made contact with the legion ship, the Void Chaser fired its main gun, piercing the ship's armor and completely destroying the ship.

While they saved an entire species and their world, Sul lost one of his oldest friends and one of the last of the original crew members of the Void Chaser other than Toring Qerjan. He went to planet Collena to deliver the news of Zilda's passing to the family. He didn't return to the Void Chaser. He took another ship from his collection, and blasted into space. It would be over a year before anyone heard from Sul again.

A Mission to Earth

384 A.E. (About 2015 A.D. on Earth)
Sul used to be a mercenary working for a Vusinor exploration group, and has visited Earth in the past. He used his dark ash colored skin to pass himelf off as an unusually tall man from an equatorial land and interacted with a good many humans over several centuries. It was for this reason that he and his crew were chosen to go to Earth and gather humans and take them to the Galactic Council. The Vusinor decided it was long past time for Humans to join the Galactic community but they also have their own reasons for wanting the humans...

The humans Sul got from Earth weren't politicians or great scientists or anyone famous, they were four young college students that were hanging out and playing video games at the time. It was incredibly easy to convince some of the humans to go because of offers of alien alcohol and video games, but again, college students. This was completely by 'accident' when the Void Chaser landed on earth and kind of, blew up the house the humans were in. Emphasis on the 'accident' part.

((This Void Chaser Mission is meant to be the basis for my story set in this universe, that follows four humans that are abducted by aliens and taken against their will to be presented before the Galactic Council as a newly advanced sapient species. Things get more complicated than that...))

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Saving the Tree of Life (270A.E.)
Defeating the Pirates of the Revael System (301A.E.)
Last Mission of the Void Chaser (378A.E.)
A Mission to Earth (384A.E.)

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