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Asha is everywhere online and is a gamer to the very core, perhaps to an unhealthy degree. She stays super disciplined in her daily life so that no one notices/cares that she spends every other waking minute of her life outside her appearance constantly getting lost in a new world, gunning down zombies, assassinating crime lords, outrunning the police, and regularly saving the world, all digitally of course. She also loves animals, but that comes second.


Asha does what is required of her, always following a schedule, making sure her schoolwork is done, staying neat and clean, never speaking out when it doesn't help her, staying quiet...then all that goes out the window when she's in front of a keyboard or has a controller in her hand. She gets extremely competitive and pushes others to be as competitive as they can be, as it gets boring when others quit halfway through. She's willing to help others, in and out of games and makes sure her friends are as on top of their lives as she is on hers, though when she gets particularly attached to one game or another, she tends to ignore everyone and everything, for days at a time. Usually an optimistic and glowy persion, it is nearly impossible to annoy her.


Asha was born in Quebec City, Canada, to an Indian mother and a French father. Her parent's kept her disciplined and on top of her studies growing up, but Asha learned to take advantage of that, bargaining for a game console if she could learn to speak fluently in a new language when she was six. She made the challenge for herself and accomplished that easily. By the time she was twelve, she learned four languages and kept a straight A average, just so her games wouldn't be taken away. As long as she kept her parents happy, they would let her be happy.

When she was 16, she moved to America, and ended up in Central Florida, going to a college for engineering on a full ride scholarship. It was her choice, to get away from the strict lifestyle her parents set on her, and to start her streaming career in gaming. People were attracted to her stream because she was extremely competitive, but also her constantly answering questions and giving tips on whatever game she was playing. She currently has over 50,000 subscribers and regularly does streams in several different languages. she also just got her Masters in Electrical Engineering, at 20 years old, but, she doesn't care about that. she makes (her words) stupid amounts of money doing what she loves, and she will never stop unless god herself asks her to.

Asha met Ryan and Juan one day after crushing them in an arena shooter. Ryan asked her for advice on the game, and after learning they lived in the same city, they became friends. Ryan and Juan often join Asha in her English streams (Juan in the Spanish ones too) where Juan's, differing opinions, tend to make the streams way more lively.

Views on various subjects


"Cats are so freaking adorable! It is annoying when my kitty meows at me in the morning. I just want to sleep! But getting a fluffy warm ball of cute fuzz to hold more than makes up for it. His name is 'Mr. Maximillian Von Fitzgerald Fuzzy Whiskers the Third' by the way, but you can just say Max for short!"
"What? I was ten when I named him!"


"Dogs are okay I guess. I hate it when a larger one tries to jump on me. I always get knocked over..."


"I had to do it, and get straight A's so my parents would buy me video games."


"I believe in the supreme goddess Adi Parashakti."
"Trying to explain to people how this is different from other Hindu traiditions is so annoying, especially to an asshole like Juan!"


"The best way to live is doing what you love, obviously!"
Full Name: Asha Cerise Martin[/br] Birthday: December 26th
Age: 20
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Indian, Canadian
Birthplace: Quebec, Canada

Sex: Female
Height: 1.57m
Weight: 50kg
Build: Tiny
Appearance: always neat and clean
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: dark brown
Complexion: light brown

Languages Spoken:
  • French (native)
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Spanish
  • German
  •   Licenses/Degrees:
  • Driver's License
  • Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Children

    Views on her friends


    "The bestest gaming buddy ever!"
    "...Yes I said bestest! so what?!?"


    "Eh...friend is a, strong word...."


    "She leaves open no possibility of anything that she can't touch. I like her, but honestly, I don't understand her..."
    Secret: Asha's views on being abducted
    "This, is, SOOOO AWESOME! You're telling me that this headset lets me play a whole month's worth of video games in a night?!? Hell yes!"
    "That's fine, but, you do need to learn--"
    Yeah, yeah, I know you want me to learn the Regalti language. I'll do that while I play video games! You want me to learn Vusinor or Maorian too?"
    "Uhm...that's, not necessary..."

    Character Portrait image: Asha by Chrispy_0/Artbreeder


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