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The Hollowed Ground

The Hollowed Ground


The Hollowed Grounds were once a largely decimated area encased by a hazardous magnetic field. In 308 PC the barrier was lifted and the Hollowed Grounds became a part of the Caido-continent once again. Though there are still burn marks in the earth from where the barrier was, the land is slowly healing.


What once might have been a thriving agricultural community has instead been reduced to dust thanks to the magnetic field trapping the inhabitants inside. The bizarre weather patterns, localized magical phenomena and upset to normal animal migratory patterns has done quite bizarre things to the local flora and fauna.

Localized Phenomena


  • The people are referred to as Grounders
  • The Hollowed Grounds are where characters were trapped for 300+ years in a barrier. This barrier fell in 309 PC Flowerbirth!
  • Monsters currently come out during LongNight.
  • The Hollowed Grounds is a 'large' size area
  • If you are an Outlander and/or portal into this region, you will arrive near the Spire board.
  • The Hollowed Grounds is a region that has an established leader. Your character may live here, regardless of species.

What's it like in the Hollowed Ground?

  • Agriculture is still struggling despite the fact that the barrier is down. It has a very rural farming community feel to it, though this is slowly changing. Because the majority of the population are ascended (who do not require food), there hasn't been much of an effort made to change this.
  • Technologically not very advanced, save for the ascended.
  • Most food, items, clothing, etc, are all fairly basic.

Regional Quest Upgrades

  • Members of the Order may not post within the Grounds. If they try to enter, they will feel pain, followed by death. (Demigods will be knocked unconscious for 1 month of real time).
  • Energy Weapon | If activated by two members of the HG, the Spire can target 1 30ft sphere anywhere within the HG. Does 100pts of damage toa anyone within the sphere. Requires a 5 post cooldown between uses, and 1-post 'charge up' prior to use.

Fauna & Flora

You can expect fairly rural animal species such as mice, squirrels, various species of birds (magpies, robins, crows, etc), small game such as foxes, gophers, porcupines and badgers, to larger game such as deer, elk, and the odd moose. Large predators such as cougars and bears can occasionally be found, though because of the dwindling number of creatures below them in the food chain their numbers are certainly not as prominent as they might once have been. It isn’t uncommon to see mutated species either: a deer with a leg sticking out of its side, mice with multiple tails, birds with unseeing extra eyes, etc. There are also very small herds of farm animals: cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens. The food produced by these animals is not of the highest quality, but the Naturals have long since forgotten what proper food tastes like. There is also a small herd of wild ponies, a few of which have been domesticated.   You will find both deciduous and coniferous species of tree and a few fruit-bearing ones as well.

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