We could describe the Siphin as a cat, but that would not do it justice. This intelligent cat-like is walking on two (hunting on all fours) elongated legs, and has a few similar features with earths panther. But they are more evolved. They are capable of speaking, but their language is failry rudimentary. They are slowly evolving from animals to sentient beings.

this is the second time around, the first time was eons ago. The where vicitm of a disaster that nearly made them extinct.

Basic Information


The Siphin is around 2 to 3 meters long (6-9 feet) only 40 cm wide and has a long tail 0.70m to 1m50. The cat is very catlike, very silent.

they have tiny claws, when used as weapon they are extremely poisonous except to their own species. To attack they have the ability to fling/shoot those tiny claws as darts to an enemy. There is no armor that holds the poisonous needle back. The needle phases out to an interdimensional pocket and when it is on target contact, it will dephase instantly and spread the toxic. The only remedy against this toxic agent is a white Siphin's anti-toxic needle. the not-white Siphin have only toxic claws. The white Siphin have two toxins. one deadly and one anti-toxin. the delivery mechanism is similar.
they come in all colors, but the white species are born that way. they are actually different. They are more defensively build, the white fur that is very difficult to penetrate. (its acutally water tight) They can relax the fur to allow water in. (cleaning)

Genetics and Reproduction

they might have genetical markers like the earth cats (the black panter is quite similar, but smaller and the panther clearly never learned to walk on it's two rear legs.) Every Siphin can reproduce three times up to 5 siphlings in its whole lifespan. Normally they need to interact with other Siphin, but in rare cases a Siphling is born without interaction. Scientists believe that this is due to the fact that there are no rules about reprocreation and the social interaction just makes it more effective.

Growth Rate & Stages

siphins are born around 5 cm tall. they grow in a (earth)week to 15 cm. then every (earth)week double that until they are around 2m long. At the age of 6 (earth)years they are fully grown and they get their house colors. House colors can be any color except white.

Ecology and Habitats

They live in spherical domes 50% underground as a hollow pit and a spherical dome overhead. The domes are in black to gray and sometimes white. The Venusian High Plateau has a thin layer of breathable oxygen. the cats like this plane very much due to the sunlight that reaches the plateau.

Dietary Needs and Habits

As youngster they eat fruits, ground jelly grubbers and small rodent animals until their 5th or 6th year. The older Siphin bring pieces of meat and bones for the siphlings to chew on, eat and play with. After their 6th year they will be feeling the urge to go on something we would call a pilgrimage and hunt on the lower plateau or the clouded valley. They hunt in packs like earth wolves and use ultrasonic souds to communicate.   habits: they are very fond of dark and deep holes to discover, they love to court each other with the most descriptive language. They love to make music in harmonics. It is hard for Siphin to resist the call of music. their claws are short and not equipped for hunting (like their smaller 'cousing' the earth panther).

Biological Cycle

The average lifespan is around 230 years. They are able to give birth after 20 years.
they may give birth for the first time up to 5. the second time is around 60 and regular is 3 but as much as 7 can be producedthe third and last time around 150 and then its only 1 or 2 siphlings, one is always albino white.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

they solely live on the High Plateau. (a large)

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Very good night vision, extraordinary eyesight, sensitive smelling sense. Sensitive for weather changes (via the tail), they can focus and use their sensitive hearing to hear ultrasonic. they have a very well working 6th sense (as this is determined a dimensional awareness). They dont like water, but are not affraid of it.
Scientific Name
230 year
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Length
3m (4 with tail)
Geographic Distribution

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