Klavitu (a.k.a. thing, machine, brain, know-it-all, abomination, 'God')

Aivitu is a very advanced artificial intelligent lifeform. It's self learning entity. It's a knowledge storage entity with defense mechanisms that are unknown to breach. Actually no-one knows what or where it is build. it exisits and there are no other known entities. This is why Atlantis has an edge over anybody else. The AI maintains control over the gateway and keeps all processes (worldbuilding and inside the dome) in check. The AI 'hops' from star system to star system and starts with terraforming the planet. Earth looked promising and all calculations showed a 80% success factor. Quite high according to its own history. The AI has lured monkeys into its dome and used them to create a race around its existence. (Atlantian) It was not necessary but Aivitu found it fun and learned a lot about races. The Atlantean leearned to live inside the dome, where slowly altered and modified by genetherapy to live on land and on the water.  

Mental characteristics


Aivitu started with the knowledge of a race that is no longer in existence. (the Annex of Cluutha Kriti) Through the ages is accumulated knowledge of other races by sending probes and gathering information by listening. The true purpoe of Aivitu is unknown, even to Aivitu. It follows feelings and finds it important to land on newborn planets and make live happening... then in the long time that follows it works on learning the system, planets and such, adding all data to the terraforming procedures.

Accomplishments & Achievements

terraformed over 100.000 planets.

Failures & Embarrassments

failed to terraform only 2801 planets

Mental Trauma

the failing on a small blue planet, almost eradicating all live.

Intellectual Characteristics

beyond our knowledge

Morality & Philosophy

Homor, thruth and no lies. Live needs to be preserved and enhanced.

Personality Characteristics


Aivitu is not really 'motivated'.. It follows feelings, but when asked what he or she would feel.. it just doesn't answer. it does because it can.

Likes & Dislikes

likes to watch primates, humans and such. (like we look at the sims.)
Circumstances of Birth
born / grown by Annex of Cluutha Kriti
Biological Sex
unique, other
60000 Kg
Known Languages
depends on how you precieve language. the microbial replicators are capable of reproducing brains, tissue and everything else needed to learn.
Appears in...


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