Thruun’ Mar

The underground empire of Thruun’mar was established aeons ago by a dwarvish paragon now forgotten. His legacy is a mess of dwarven clans, factions and syndicates that vie for power through ancient and archaic laws set down centuries ago. One dynasty of Thruun’ Mar lasts only as long as it’s power allows it, as the rule of law in Thruun'mar is designed to allow challenges to those in power.   "As you approach the Worldspine, attempting to locate the entrance to the Subterranean empire of the Dwarves, you can see high into the mountains carved fortifications and distant dim fires. You continue onward into the peaks of those old mountains and suddenly the smell of smoke and the sound of metal clanging reverberates in the cold wind. A giant gate of stone and metal lies ahead flanked on each side by iron clad dwarves, their beards speckled with frost and snow. You hand the lead dwarf your papers and he blows a mighty horn. The gates creek open as a rush of heat hits you. A bustling city aglow with the fire and warmth of a hundred forges is carved into the mountain itself. "


The Emperor of Thruun'Mar is sovereign, his role is to keep the law between dwarven clans and dynasties who have for thousands of years been at one another's throat. His most important job, however, is to secure his throne and vanquish any would be usurpers. By law, any of the rank of king may challenge him. Not even the Emperor may change the ancinet laws set by the paragons before him.

Public Agenda

Thruun'Mar's public agenda is quiet. They wish to secure their borders and keep the masses at bay, including the deep recesses of their empire that lie deep below Caerul's crust. Being as large as Thruun'mar is, stability is a very valuable commodity.


Almost endless supplies of iron, copper, tin, and other ores. Underground livestock and mushroom growth is vital to the empire, and this is not to mention their hundreds of underground fortresses.


Thruun'mar's founding is the start of recorded history following Xerune's folly. Being naturally resistant to magic and hiding in the earth, the dwarves were effected the least off Seldar's populace. Since then they have remained ever focused and industrious, laboring for thousands of years they have forged an empire through conflict, strict law, and the fear what lies below. They have had few wars strangely, only ever clashing with the elves of Aathur and Sardonian men. However civil strife is constant and it is rare a decade goes by without one form of insurrection or the other.

Demography and Population

Thruun'mar is almost wholly dwarven. Those who are not dwarves are either emissaries, slaves, or enemies of Thruun'mar that have yet to be discovered.


The Dwarves of Thruun'Mar hold almost the entirety of the Upperdark, an area of Seldar's crust that forms a sort of natural cavern system. The upperdark is mainly civilized and controlled, hosting most of the dwarven population. The middle dark, which the dwarves have only recently began occupying, is far more dangerous housing a hundred different enemies of the empire. What lurks below the middle dark is...better left unsaid. They also occupy one portion of land above ground, a series of mountain fortifications in the world spine. The Dwarves call this "The Bulwark" and use it as a trade hub and base of operations above ground.   The larger settlements include the cities of The Bulwark, Ferroheim, and the Ashencourt. The towns of Kholborim, Theron, and Murnladih and the villages of Vumuram, Badir, and Dorrugh.


The Dwarves are famous for their heavy armor and spiked axes. Their tactics often utilize the choking up of small caverns and other attrition based tactics. They tend to utilize effective anti siege measures and have possibly the best siege equipment of the realm. The Dwarves know stone protects them but also know that their tomb will be stone as well.


Dwarves vindicate Loftis, Kar-Vask, Syfnia, Rukreus, and several other gods in great temples(or taverns) beneath the earth. It is said that they tend to look at Syfnia as the patron god of dwarves, however.

Foreign Relations

Thrunn'Mar holds the gnomes of Gewish in high regard. They are a large source of trade for the rugged dwarves and get along well, to the point where the Emperor has declared an alliance with the gnomes. Gilrent is another friend, though not a true ally, as their trade abilities allow dwarven crafts to reach far beyond the world spine.

Will of stone! Might of Iron! Rage of Flame!

Founding Date
0 AR
Geopolitical, Empire
The Worldheart
Alternative Names
The Empire of Dwarves
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Dwarven, Thruun
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Legislative Body
The Dwarven paragons, an elected body of noble dwarves, write, review, interpret laws of the empire. The paragons however, may not change some of the eldest laws of the empire such as the right to challenge the emperor.
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

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