The land of Sardonia is a large and fertile land, covered in rolling green fields of grain and grazing animals, rocky cliff lined coast, and rolling trees . Behind any given plain of grass is the towering walls of a feudal city or castle, manned with plate and chain mail clad knights, ever ready to serve the King of their land. In times of war the sleepy hamlets, feudal cities, and castles bustle in the thousands, with the sardonian chants of “Victory for the King”.   “As you approach the seat of his royal excellence, King Siegfried Bolton you walk long and twisting dirt and cobblestone roads through the high arbor. The fresh scent of apples, culled hay, and sea water fills your nostrils and you begin to see the long stretches of serf farms and plots. You pass three or four dozen of these plots where men, women, and children toil to pay their share to the King before the stone walls of the City come into view. The defenses are manned by rough looking soldiers in chain mail and the colors of Sardonia.  They stop you at the gate and ask your business in the city before searching your cart. You spot one of the guards slyly grab himself an apple before they open the oak gates into the city.


Sardonia is a feudal monarchy, based on military might and service. The highest position in the Kingdom is of course, the King. He is responsible for managing the kingdom and protecting it from it's rivals. Below the king are the Dukes of Sardonia who own large swaths of land and who are honor bound to follow their king and raise his armies from the land he has given them. Below the Dukes are counts, who administer smaller portions of a duke's land, and who are honor bound to raise their armies in service to their Duke. Below both are barons , those who own single fiefs of smaller sizes but may hold enough wealth,manpower or prestige to hold onto their noble claim.

Public Agenda

Sardonia's interest lie with the fate of humankind. They wish to expand the borders of humanity to protect the shortest lived race of Caerul. As Sardonia is highly militarized, they do not shy from using their soldiers to enforce their will, having warred more than any other nation of Seldar.


Sardonia is a rich country by large, whose peasants rarely go without at least food to eat. Their armies and fortresses however, are ever standing with a focus on heavy armor and lethal efficiency. Favored weapons for the Sardonian armies are pikes,swords, crossbows, and lances.


Founded in The Age of Resurgence, following the calamities ushered in by the mad mage Xerune, Sardonia was once a province of local warlords fighting over the ashes. Odiyius Fairfax, the first king of Sardonia, won out and united all the warlords under his banner with the belief that the gods themselves chose his bloodline in order to preserve humankind.

Demography and Population

Most of Sardonians are humans with sparse sprinklings of high elves, half-elves and the occasional gnome, halfling, or dwarf.


Sardonia is the northern most section of Seldar and it holds the Northern moor as ancestral lands. In wars past they have held varying degrees of the ever-autumn that Aathur holds currently.   Some of the larger Villages of the northern moors are the cities of Grasmere, Sirencester, and Openshaw. There are also the towns of Huthwaite, Laewaes ,Warlington and the villages of Larnwick , Everton, Nearon, and Old irndrick.


The Sardonian military is organized by nobility. The King traditionally leads the army as a whole, with his Duke's acting as generals and Baron's acting as battlefield commanders.


Sardonia venerate Loftis first and foremost, with Hedia , Syfnia and Atabris holding significant followings as well.

Foreign Relations

Sardonian relations with the rest of Seldar are tense at best. They have fought almost every other nation on the continent and are known for their militarism, might and willingness to fight. They have however, found an unlikely ally in Aathur. Though they have found an equally unusual enemy in Gewish.

Victory For the King!

Founding Date
387, AR
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Kingdom of Men and The Glorious Kingdom of Sardonia
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
The Dukes of Sadonia nominally vote on laws presented to them by the King, Barons, or other Dukes who have garnered enough support for their cause that it can no longer be ignored. Generally meetings on legislature occur once every 5 years, but may come as frequently as needed.
Judicial Body
The Baron's of Sardonia are usually charged with the law keeping of Sardonia and have their authority granted to them via their respective Liege Duke, as their domains are smaller and more compact, making governing easier. It is not unheard of to have legal cases and law interpretation sent to Dukes or even the King himself in extreme situations.
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

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