Nyllatheas, the city of marble, rises high above the waters of the gulf of Caerul. It's walls adorned with gold and silver, and it's streets lined with silken banners and slave folk, too afraid to look upon their high elf masters.


The city is heavily stratified, with the caste system of the high elves taking huge prominence. Only about 70 percent of the population is high elven, with the remaining 30 percent being slaves.


The governing body of Nyllatheas is 2 fold. Firstly, it is governed by the King and his Ascended Council. Secondly by the Aathurian Council. These individuals govern both the city and Aathur itself.


The city was not designed with defense in mind, but it has its share of fortifications like the famous marble walls that surround the city's heart. The Palace of Autumn also sits within these walls and is said to have defenses rivaling that of the bulwark.


The largest trade in all of Aathur is the smithing of precious metals and the inlaying of jewels, indeed the streets of Nyllatheas are overflowing with gorgeous jewelery and glimmering accessories. Nyllatheas tends to import a great deal of weaponry however, as it lacks natural iron deposits.


Nyllatheas is a city of ingenuity and great wealth. The city is famed for it's precise planning and construction, ensuring that any manner of building or store is found within it's walls.


The Aathurian capital is blanketed in great wealth and finery; with stores of weaponry, gold, grain, and interesting artifacts.

Guilds and Factions

The factions of the white City are visible to all. The government is designed in such a way that each Prince of Ascension leads a coalition under the king. These factions are often ever attempting to assert and Garner their power in any way they can.


The White City did not always go by Nyllatheas. In fact, it stands in place of two ancient settlements. The first was an elven town whose name was lost in the conquering of the ever-autumn. The sardonians erected a fort in the ruins of the town and called it "New Taerik". When the High Blood rebellion began the elves took the city in a night and changed its name to their elvish tongue.


The city is crafted in marble and elegance. Every home displays their dynasty's banner.


Lying on the coast of the Ever-autumn, the area around Nyllatheas is extremely fertile and slightly hilly. The settlement has access to freshwater through the Autumn Channel.

Natural Resources

The Ever autumn has great natural resources such as fertile land, precious metals, and jewels. Its farm lands provide ample hide and leather , but the city itself lacks any large deposits of iron or other such ores to produce weaponry.

Alternative Name(s)
The White City
Large city
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The Ever-Autumn
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