"Your legs tired from the arduous track through the Eerrai, you come to the wind sheared hills of Kamillorn. A small village lies ahead, its braziers a beacon of hope shining in the ghostly fog. You and your companions enter town to find it scarcely populated, although diverse of races. The locals here dare not speak to you. You think back to tale of the Kamillorni people and their distrust of outsiders. You find a tavern willing to lodge your party and prepare to rest in comfort for the first time in weeks. As you lie down your mind races. The door, you think, you had locked it when you came in. Why is it then, that the knob is beginning to turn."   Kamillorn is a nation famous for it's beautiful, if not ominous, environment. The mountainous lowlands fill with fog, with the high peaks casting some regions in dusk for weeks on end. The Kingdom that lies there in, Kamillorn, is one built on the cunning of its inhabitants. Its history is one of cloaks and daggers, shadowy alliances, and doom ever close.


Kamillorn is a monarchy and as such, is ruled by the current King or Queen. However, with its roots in Gilrint, the government resembles a parliamentary system. The monarch is not absolute here and must have his decisions approved by his council of Voivoides. The Voivoides must run their decisions by their own council of commons.

Public Agenda

Kamillorn makes no secret its distaste of Thruun'mar and Gilrint. A century long dispute over the mountainous boundary has led to near endless skirmishes with the Dwarven empire. Gilrint, however, served as the re colonizers of the lowlands during the age of resurgence.  The age of discord allowed the Kamillorni to break away, though they had to agree to not interfere with the trade of their former overlord.


The nation is not rich by any means and its stores are not impressive when compared to the likes of Harquill or Sardonia. Instead, the nation boasts its nigh constant reinvestment in its infrastructure, education, and military. It has a strong focus on its many horses, castles, and weaponry stores.


Recolonized in the age of resurgence, by Gilrint, the lowlands became a nation in secrecy. They declared their independence,  backed by several conspiring guild families, with a brutal surprise attack on Gilrint's trading fleet. Many were burned by saboteurs in the docks, while others met assault by what they thought were friendly vessels. The guild mercenaries present in Kamillorn were ambushed in the night, being torn apart by daggers and rapiers. Since they have retained a decently peaceful existence, only going to war out of necessity, opportunity,  or self preservation.

Demography and Population

Kamillorn's people are dominantly human, with about sixty percent being human. The other 40 percent is made up of halflings, elves, and the occasional gnome.


The Lathjura lowlands are the predominant region of Kamillorn. These fog cloaked mountains make up the homeland.  Their boarders are vague elsewhere, with small villages in the eerai claiming to be Kamillorni.


The military of Kamillorn is a moderately sized force, mainly made up of civilian conscripts. A unique trait of their army is that females are conscripted in addition to men. Their forces tend to favor quick and brutal strikes before disappearing back into the foggy hill and forests.


The Kingdom has no religious leanings. Though it is said that Kamillorn itself , and its royal family, are blessed by Xokur.

Foreign Relations

The Kingdom holds ancient rivalry with Gilrint and Thruun'mar, though they do not dare challenge these superior nations directly.

Agriculture & Industry

The land in Kamillorn is perfect for vineyards, and as such, Kamillorni wines are considered the best in all the world. Their strange environment has also produced unique plants found no where else, these are prized for their use in medicine, poisons, and food. The lowlands are home to the only silkworms of Seldar. The production of silk and other luxurious textiles is the largest industry of the kingdom. Mining, leatherworking, and timber are also important to the region. They are also keen on horses, boasting that a Kamillorni steed is the finest in the land, and as such the rearing of these steeds is a large business in the dusk land.


Education is important in the lowlands. The presence of primary schools are common among towns and even some larger villages. It also possess sever universities, more so than any other nation of Seldar.


The infrastructure of the dusklands is well kept. There is a functional road system, supplemented by its many rivers. Hill forts are also extremely common, being the basis for most villages.

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Dusklands
Training Level
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Feudal state
Major Exports
They export many things such as silk, wine, leathers, and medicine.
Major Imports
The kingdom imports much from elsewhere, but its largest import is by and large foodstuffs. Although the Lathjura lowlands have good agricultural land, they are most often used for the cultivation of more capital driven crops.
Legislative Body
The Council of Voivoides technically make the laws of the land but can do so on behalf of the monarch. They must also vote by the decision of their Council of Commons.
Judicial Body
Voivoides are responsible for the enforcement of laws within their territory.
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities


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