Far South of Sardonia and Aathur lie the elven wood of Freylia, a sprawling mass of undergrowth and canopy that is nigh impassable by intruders. The elves here, called “Wood elves” live in sprawling tree house communities or nomadic villages on the forest floor. These tribes and villages are united loosley by Elven traditions, but in times of invasion band together under the banner of the wisest of their kind.   " The forest ahead, that great forest of Freylia is dense and ancient. The path you take is flush with thickets, thorns, and overgrown with moss and vines. The trees form a small natural path that winds ever on to scenic rivers and ponds populated with strange creatures and glowing, flickering light that disappear as quickly as they had came to your vision. Days of travel and you have yet to find even a single man or elf, until you hear the snapping of branches behind you. You look back to notice you are surronded by a wood elf hunting party. Their bows drawn and aimed at you. They bear tribal tattoos that imitate the natural beauty of the forest and speak softly in broken common "Outlander, what brings you to our home?"


Freylia is divided amongst hundreds of eleven tribes and clans, each with their own set of laws and traditions. There is rarely a unifying figure amongst them but in times of war the wisest of their kind is given power to direct the elven war effort.

Public Agenda

The Wood elves are fanatic in their protection of their forests and lands. It is not uncommon for invaders to be met with extreme cruelty. However, they are a peace loving people and are generally friendly with anyone not wishing to destroy their ancestral lands.


Freylia is rich in many natural resources such as hardwoods, metals, and fertile land. Muxh of these resources are not taped into by the elves to conserve the beauty of their forests.


Founded In the age of resurgence, the elves have spent millennia defending their ancient home from invaders. Through the years they have lost much including the ever-autumn and the great swamp of Eerai. They are now hellbent on defending their lands.

Demography and Population

Freylia is a land of elves and elves alone. Though occasional halflings, half elves, and humans may earn the respect of the elves and be granted stay in the forests.


The great forests of Freylia are massive and ancient. The elves know every path in and out exceedingly well.   Some of the larger wood elf settlements include the city of, the treetop towns of, the nomadic villages of the

Foreign Relations

Freylia abhors the existence of Aathur and Sardonia, those who have conquered their lands. The Eerai however Is their closest ally, viewing it as an extension of their own culture and dedication to the forests.

Our lands remain free

Founding Date
140 AR
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Great Forest
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Barter system
Legislative Body
For any given tribe the law makers are the elven sages of their village.
Judicial Body
The elven sages of a tribe are tasked with the revision and understanding of ancient custom amongst the elves.
The Great Forest
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

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