"A day by ship and you have reached the rocky shores of the Ever-Autumn Isle. The winds are warm and fresh as you approach the grand walls of Nyllatheas. The walls have been crafted from white stone and adorned with gold patterns, the banner of House Trelwyn unfurled over the intricate golden inlays of the city door. The High elves guard the city with ornate weapons as they eye you, an outsider, with disdain. The gates open and behind the walls is an immaculate city brimming with gold, commerce, and dazzling sights and sounds. Though you soon find that few of the merchants bother with talking to an outsider like yourself."   Aathur, the land of the high elves, is one built upon the cultural intermingling of the native elves and the conquering Sardonians. Aathur, originally, was ancestral land of elves until the kingdom of men united and conquered the region of the Ever-Autumn. After years of occupation, the elves learned from the humans many things and soon those elves would split culturally from their ancestors. They began building great white stone cities and sorting into great dynastic houses. These new culturally  divergent elves took the name "High Elves" to show their superiority from their brethren and their conquerors. Before the end of the age of resurgence, they had mustered their armies and taken back the ever-autumn from the Sardonians.


Aathur is an elective monarchy, one whose election process is byzantine and overcomplex at every turn. First a council of 12 is selected from the most powerful land owners of the realm, then that council elects 5 "Princes" who then finally vote on the new Ascended King. The additional 4 princes are retained, becoming the Council of Ascension, the only people who can veto the Ascended king's decisions. This process is explained by the high elves as making sure only the purest and most worthy comes to power. Though, outsiders would argue that it's high elves over complicating things for their own pleasure.

Public Agenda

Aathur is firstly and foremost interested in the protection of the Ever-Autumn. They are secondarily interested in besting their cousins, the wood elves of Freylia or out-glorying the Sardonians.


Aathur is ridiculously affluent as the high elves themselves tend to be rather industrious , if maybe a bit whiny. They have ample reserves of silver and gold, some saying that the Ever-Autumn houses nigh infinite supplies of the precious metals. They hold several keeps that were Sardonian in origin, but modified with the aesthetics and technology of Aathur.


The history of Aathur is one of survival and anarchy. They have been frequent targets by their neighboring nations but hold little grudge against them for this. The have warred with Sardonia many times, so many in fact they have developed a sense of respect and friendship with the human kingdom.

Demography and Population

Aathur is mostly populated by high elves, though humans are not uncommon either. Wood elves and halflings are fairly common slaves in the empire as well.


Aathur holds the entirety of the Ever-Autumn, a smaller region-island just off the coast of the main land, rich with gold and silver mines, it is also a very temperate climate which makes agriculture far more consistent. They have begun invading the great forests of Freylia but hold just a small portion of the coast.   Some of the larger settlements of Aathur include The Cities of Dragonhelm, Lithaas, and Eymorith. The Towns of Corlond, Terrisa and Aedlar. The villages of Hosthyr, Baerncar, and Amorad.


The Armies of the Ascended King are organized almost identically to that of the Sardonian army. They maintain a similar vassal system to their human forebearers.


Aathur tends to venerate Loftis, Fyossi, and Hedia in equal regard. There is no official state religion and thus the individual is free to worship how they please.

Foreign Relations

Arthur's diplomatic relations are few and far between. They are mainly isolationist with few true allies or rivals. They maintain an alliance with the sardonians and look unfavorably on their "lesser" brethren , the wood elves of Freylia.

Glory of the High!

Founding Date
633 AR
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Ascended Empire
Training Level
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Legislative Body
The High Council of Aathur, comprised of the 12 most powerful dynasties of Aathur, pass and decline laws. They meet monthly to discuss and politic amongst themselves.
Judicial Body
The Grand Court of Aathur is the responsible court system of Aathur, with it's esoteric and ancient laws , one not extremely familiar would not be able to understand even the most basic concepts of it's function.
Parent Organization
The Ever-Autumn
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

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