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Ignio "the Firebrand" DiSognole

It is pronounced "eenyo"... How many times do I have to tell you?

Ignio is a mysterious character, despite how loud he can be. He typically serves as a spy for the Hand, and is sometimes called "The Left Hand" due to the nature of his work typically being conducted in secret. No one knows who he really works for, only that Ignio himself is incredibly powerful, so his master must be a force of reckoning. He performs "favors" and jobs no one else would dirty their hands with.   Recently, Ignio has come into a place of power as the new leader of the Imperiatum, replacing Stefan after his mysterious disappearance. His first act was to hand direct control of the military and policing force over to someone else, and set himself up as the leader of the "New" Imperiatum; really just a massive underground network of spies, shady business fronts, assassins, and the like.

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