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It pays to be an immortal race in a world of mortals. Caernen is recovering from the fresh wounds of war. For centuries, the Triton ruled with a heavy, militaristic hand. Restrictions on trade, colonization, and travel between the continents for the "lesser races" eventually led to revolts and uprising among the more ambitious nations. Uprising soon led to war. The Triton King, Adhulma, was a god among immortals. He commanded an army of hundreds of thousands; slaves, subjects, monsters, and men. It came then as no surprise that this war was to be a bloody one. Oceans awash in red, Mountains made of Men. Immortal as the god-king was, unkillable he was not. Murdered in the night by one he thought loyal, an epoch of tyranny, brought to an abrupt and jarring end. Adhulma's son ended his father's bloody history with a treaty, allowing the men of the land their freedom. 40 years have passed since the end of the Triton War, and men have settled on new lands, and encountered civilizations thought only to be myth. The previously unseen parts of the world are being found and adventure is to be had.

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