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Grand Aurora Lake

The Grand Aurora Lake is the greatest and deepest of all the lakes in all of Caeria. Due to its enormous size, even connecting 4 countries just by existing as a common naval ground and economic area, it was suspected to be an ocean when the world was still young and unexplored. It turned out to be a fresh water lake, however, that connects to the Viridian ocean far to the east.


Connecting to the Viridian ocean to the far east, the Grand Aurora Lake is one of the most breathtaking sights in all of Caeria because of its sheer size and the lasting impression it creates being observed for the first time. With many bays and lagoons it is also one of the most settled around areas in the world, not only due to the naval capabilities it offers to the settling nations but also due to the enormous economical boon it represents.


The ecosystem is vast and mainly uncharted. There are records of different kinds of fresh water fish, fresh water plants but also a certain amount of salt water varieties that seem to be able to thrive in the lake as well as in the Viridian ocean where the beings' origin supposedly is.

Localized Phenomena

At night, something wondrous sometimes takes place over the lake, ever since the Piercing. Almost miraculously, great aurora like mirages appear above the naval area, visible by all adjoining countries. Beautiful yet mysterious, they're suspected to either be a large concentration forming over head because of certain weather conditions having been met or a manifestation of an entities' powers. Some suspect it to be the work of Umberlee, a water domain deity that pierced the Veil 30 years ago like everyone else, other suspect it to be the anger of a mysterious creature, a "leviathan" as it is called by sailors, that roams beneath the waves, having been trapped in the lake after coming from its realm to this one.

Fauna & Flora

many kinds of fish, both fresh and salt water   some reported sightings of water serpents that are suspected to have evolved from different beings within the water or might've been transported here   all kinds of fresh water based plants, algae, some underwater healing flowers

Natural Resources

Fish, different fresh water plants


Before the piercing, the lake was just known as "The Great Lake" but ever since the strange phenomenon that occurs here and there, the name was changed.


Due to the beauty of its Auroras, the lake is quite the attraction of folk not home in harbour towns or even part of the population of the 5 adjoining countries.

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