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Devarin Plains

The Devarin Plains construct the flattest part of the Whitvalian Kingdom and are home to all kinds of agriculture. From cereal and corn, to rice and fruit or the famous Dry Mane Grass, one of Whitvalia's most precious economical goods, almost everything that can be planted, grown and harvested is found here. However, not everything is peaceful in the plains. There are also reports of a certain creature that protects a tomb found to the far East. It is called "The Shrike" and is subject of many myths and also the center being for several churches that are called cults by the population because of their nefarious deeds.


A set of plains with several smaller lakes and patches of forest strewn throughout.


From bushes, over trees to animals and agriculture, almost everything is found within the plains.

Localized Phenomena

The Time TombsĀ    The Shrike and its Tree of Silver Wings.


The Devarin Plains had always been one of the greatest agricultural areas of Whitvalia, even before the Piercing. However, once magic slowly seeped into the world, the area began to change. Over the last 30 years there has been evolution when it comes to both flora and fauna. Animals are bigger and yield more game but are also faster, stronger and smarter. Some people even record new subspecies of foxes, wolves and horses to be found in some corners of the small forest patches or the expanse of rolling hills. The flora has evolved for the better, yielding more to gain for an average harvest every season. There are, however, also stories of how plants started attacking farmers as they were being cut down with the scythe.   Around 20 years after the Piercing, the most important event in the region's history occurred. One day, a farmer by the name of Tom Mallard found an old structure with strange architecture and an even stranger Tree shimmering behind it. He had time to report his sightings to Westar's administrative noble and ventured out to inspect the structure, never to be seen or heard from again.

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