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Bestiary Table of Contents / Necrophages / Rotfiends - Bestiary / Rotfiend

Course it reeks. Think they're called rotfiends because they smell like roses?
— – Vesemir, Cyfnos of the Wolf Clann
What rotfiends are, everyone can see. Even seeing them is not necessary, as hearing their name should be enough to tell anyone what creatures might bear this unpleasant title. Rotfiends resemble decomposing human bodies that have been mostly stripped of their skin. Their presence is given away by the overwhelming stench of rot which gives them their name.  
Pack Scavenger. Similar to ghouls, rotfiends roam in packs. Rotfiends are undead, so usual tactics against this kind of creature might apply. Common poisons, on the other hand, are useless - the beasts have gained immunity to these by devouring carcasses. Killing a rotfiend is not difficult, yet one must remember to survive the moment of the beast's death, for the monster's corpse releases explosive fumes a mere spark could ignite. The resulting explosion can easily kill an adventurer, but it might also kill nearby rotfiends, creating something of a chain reaction. Thus, a dying monster should be drawn away from its kin.  
Backed against a wall, a rotfiend flies into a fury, attacking madly. This attack should be evaded, for the beast's chaotic blows carry a strength that can only becalled hysterical. Running is never a good idea when fighting rotfiends, as the creatures will pursue its foe, jump on its back, knock it down and overwhelm it. Stopping rotfiendsfrom escaping can be difficult as they try to burrow into the ground.  
Many academies throughout the world have studied the remains of rotfiends, hoping to explain their sudden and recurrent return. They have yet to find the answer to their question but one troubling fact might lead them on the right path: the corrupted tissues of the undead always reveal the presence of the flesh rot disease. Most concluded that the two phenomena are inherently connected: a flesh rot outburst is followed by a resurgence of rotfiends and rotfiend infestations are always followed by numerous cases of the disease.  
Rotfiends and devourers were once rarities, but in age of constant warfare and violence they can become a veritable plague, as they feed on carrion and human corpses, particularly around battlefields, near cities afflicted by plague, or around villages touched by famine. They appear of a sudden, and disappear even more quickly if threatened, so exterminating them is difficult. They are best dealt with by cutting off their food supply, which is, burning all corpses in the area. Corpses must be incinerated rather than buried, for rotfiends are avid and skillful diggers. Without sustenance, the beasts will leave in search of new feeding ground. See a rotfiend and you can be sure there are many more in the area. They usually feed in large groups and thus present a danger to lone travelers – especially considering their speed, which can be more than a match for a horse at full gallop.  
Rotfiends and devourers feed in the twilight hours and at night, when they become much more dangerous than during the day.  
The rotfiend's decomposing body is filled with gasses which are poisonous even to those who, like Sylfari, are immune to most other toxins. These emissions are also highly flammable, meaning any spark, not to mention a carelessly-cast Igni sign, can lead to an explosion. This is particularly likely after a rotfiend dies, when its body thrashes around in uncontrollable tremors.  
Rotfiends and devourers feed in the twilight hours and at night, when they become much more dangerous than during the day.


Tier 2: Upgrade twice (cc)




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Rotfiend (Rival)

3 2 1 2 2 1
5 26 0 0 0
  • Skills:
    Brawl 1 (cdd)
  • Talents: MOV: 8
  • Abilities:
    Silver Anathema: For 2 aa a silver weapon may inflict its base damage as additional damage on a successful attack.
    Twilight and Darkness: A Rotfiend's attacks are upgraded by 1 at night and dusk.
    Gaseous Explosion: Once the Rotfiend has reached 13 Wounds (14 wounds until incapacitation) it can begin rapidly expanding as an action, at beginning of its turn while expanding the Rotfiend will explode damaging all creatures within Short Range. All creatures within range must make a Hard (ddd) Resilience check, or suffer 4 wounds (not soaked), and 1 Strain per h, a d means you must make the check again at the beginning of your next turn, suffering the effects as normal.
  • Equipment:
    Rip & Tear: Brawl; Damage 6; Critical 3; Range [Engaged] ; Vicious 1

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