The War of Sovereigns

The conflict that would become known as the War of Sovereigns lasted for almost fifty years, and spanned the breadth of human lands in Meranthis. For much of the early years of war, the territories were divided between the lands controlled by Ul-Ahmain and the bastions of free rule. While Ul-Ahmain had an army united by his iron will and brutality, the other kingdoms struggled with debates over tactics and the best way to stand against their enemy, despite their supposed unity under the banner of Bretyngaard.   Without a strong ruler to lead them, Ul-Ahmain was eventually able to crush the front lines of resistance and march further north, his domain growing with each passing settlement that he conquered. Ruin and despair fell upon the last remaining cities, and even the resilient folk of Bretyngaard began to resign their fate to be ruled by the Rajh Ba’a warlord. That is, until a young and gifted warrior named Taylis Amarates rose to become the hope they thought lost. Claiming to be a direct descendent of High Empress Bretyn herself, Taylis rallied the remaining forces that stood against Ul-Ahmain and seeing a leader to stand against the Gilded King, Taylis was crowned High Queen of Bretyngaard.   Under the keen command of Taylis, her army was able to once again stand firm against Ul-Ahmain, driving his forces south to the city-state of Carthak, once a holding of the Arcanis Empire. A great battle ensued upon the plains, and it was here that the Gilded King fell in single combat against Taylis, his might and magics unable to match her fervor to see her people free of his tyranny. With the remaining southern forces falling to the weaker and less stable rule of Ul-Mahker, Ul-Ahmain’s son, they were driven back to the Damalith, and soon fell to infighting. The rule of the Gilded King had crumbled beneath its own weight.