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The Ordo Ouroboros

When the arcanist-lords of the Arcanis Empire were sealed within Nengurth thousands of years ago, the wider world hoped that they would wither and die away, forever relegated to memory. But such dark ambition could not be defeated easily, and the arcanist-lords’ influence upon the world remained in the form of Ordo Ouroboros. The most secretive and evil of Meranthis’ organizations, the Ordo works quietly to bring about a second empire, and return of the arcanist-lords to power.


Who leads the Ordo is a mystery, even to its members, but most refer to their leader as the “Vestige”, a shadowy figure who rules from a dark fortress in a forgotten part of the world, and those who serve them closest are called “Harbingers”. Individual members are known as “Enlightened” and new prospects are simply given the title “Acolyte”.

Public Agenda

Using dark and infernal magics granted to them by their arcanist-lord masters, the Ordo manipulates the flow of civilization from the shadows, slowly infiltrating the foundations of society and indoctrinating its members to their dark ways. By all accounts a cult, members of the Ordo see themselves as the only ones who understand that the world was better off during the Arcanis Empire and view the True Kingdom as a mockery of its glory. Once they bring the True Kingdom to ruin, the rest of Meranthis will follow.   The Ordo is mostly unknown, or at least, few want to admit they exist. Once the Ordo becomes aware of anyone who may have knowledge of their existence, an assassin is quick to end their life. Even the Knights-Bretyn, their most hated foes, have little to no knowledge of their existence, instead believing the dark spellcasters and sinister agents they face to be independent elements. The Ordo will stop at nothing to ensure the secrecy of their organization.
Secret, Occult

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