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The Lyric Collegium

All throughout Meranthis, one common thread between the mortal races is the appreciation for art and performance, and it was only natural that an organization of musicians, storytellers, and other entertainers be formed. The Lyric Collegium is among the most diverse of Meranthis’ various organizations, counting representatives of almost every race among their members. They understand that even in the darkest of places, light can always be brought with a good song and a joyful story.


The Collegium has no formal headquarters, and they hold no titles, but wandering bands of Collegium members are commonly referred to as “Lyricists”. Common folk will sometimes use the term to refer to an individual Collegium member in order to differentiate them from unaffiliated entertainers.

Public Agenda

On the surface, the Collegium has a rather simple mission, to spread their music and stories throughout the world and engender an appreciation for the cultural exchanges that come with it. However, they also detest all forms of oppression and tyranny, and often hide messages of rebellion and resistance in their performances. Wherever there is darkness in the world, it is a safe bet that at least one member of the Collegium will be present to push back against it.   The Collegium is appreciated in all nations of Meranthis, and Lyricists can be found in most cities and settlements. Even remote parts of civilization have at least a passing familiarity with them, though some see them as nuisances who laugh off the real troubles of the world with their singing and dancing, even when that is very much the opposite. They tend to gravitate towards lands that are oppressed, and there they spark the seeds of rebellion, earning them the distaste of tyrants across the world.
Entertainment, Troupe

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