The First Empire

Over time, as civilizations grew into kingdoms throughout Meranthis, it was the humans who found themselves nothing more than a collection of scattered villages and clans, and the other races did not concern themselves with their affairs. Though they had been gifted great ambition and inventive minds by their patron god, Abos, they had no one to unite them as a people. That is, until a woman named Bretyn came to be.   The most gifted arcanist ever born to humanity, Bretyn had a vision for a united Meranthis, tamed by responsibility and just rule, and an appreciation for the arts of the arcane. With great passion for this vision, she traveled throughout the lands and whether by luck, ambition, or some otherworldly influence, Bretyn united humanity into the first of the great kingdoms, the Arcanis Empire, and it was then that Bretyngaard, the greatest city in all the world was built. Bretyn became Empress of the Empire, and she began her work to see the world she wanted come to be.   The Arcanis Empire soon spread its influence throughout the world, and it became the most expansive civilization in Meranthis, and the other races could not ignore its power. The empire fostered the first great renaissance of the arcane, fostering new ways to bend the magics gifted to the world by the gods, and the great magical academies of the empire pursued new magical traditions in Abos’ name. For a time, the world prospered under the empire’s watch, and Bretyn’s dream of a responsible world was realized.