The Conclave of Order

For some, law and order is an aspect of daily life, and for others it is life. The Conclave of Order is an organization of law keepers, bounty hunters, and others who live to enforce law and order dedicated to Erisdar, the God of Order. Founded in the city-states of central Meranthis, where no unified system of law and order existed, the Conclave took the teachings of Erisdar and formed a harsh interpretation of justice that borders on zealotry.


The Conclave is based in the city-state of Carthak and led by a mysterious figure known only as the “Lawkeeper”. Their public identity is never revealed, as many believe it is shed upon assuming leadership. Regular members are known as “Justicars”, and inductees to the order are known as “Armigers”.

Public Agenda

To the Conclave, all that matters is the enforcement of law and order. They believe that no crime, no matter how small, should go unpunished, and hunt criminals fervently and without restraint. Members of the Conclave will often circumvent the local guard if it means their quarry finds justice faster, though they will never willingly break the law of whatever land they find themselves. Some, however, believe that if a law prevents them from apprehending a criminal, it is their duty to break it.   The Conclave is viewed with fear by much of Meranthis, as their often authoritarian interpretations of the law cause common folk to fear even the slightest misstep if a Justicar is present. They are tolerated for their successes within the Border Marches and city-states, but are outright illegal in the True Kingdom. Despite this, members of the Conclave still find ways to fulfill their duty if a criminal flees to the north, though they never reveal their affiliation.

Religious, Holy Order