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The Artificium Observatum

One of the oldest of the various organizations of Meranthis, the Artificium Observatum was founded during the early days of the Arcanis Empire by a group of dwarven and human artificers. Using the teachings of Abos as their foundation, they believed that in order for civilization to continue to prosper, science and magic must come together for the betterment of all. When the arcanist-lords and their infernal masters rose to power, the Observatum was one of the few organizations that stood against them. Today, they continue their work, and warn against the dangers of delving to deep into arcane knowledge, pointing to the past as an example of what could happen.


The leader of the Observatum is known as the “Chief Artificer”, and they oversee the organization from the College Artificium, their headquarters in Bretyngaard, supported by a number of elite members called “High Artificers”. Regular members of the order are known simply as “Artificers”, and new members are known as “Tinkers”.

Public Agenda

The Observatum’s main goal hasn’t changed since its original founding. To them, science and magic are not opposed, but rather harmonious and together they can be used and applied for the betterment of all the mortal races. While not all who study as artificers count themselves among the Observatum’s membership, most artificers found in Meranthis are members of the order.   Most of Meranthis respects the Observatum, even if they may not fully understand all that they do. Nearly every human city in the True Kingdom, and a fair number of the city-states, has an Observatum presence, and the largest presence outside of human lands is in Cinderhearth, with the artificers of Deepgate specializing in the use of firearms. The elves don’t always understand their obsession with blending science with magic, but they appreciate them for their caution.
Educational, Scientific Institute

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