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The massive mountains known as Skyholm were for the majority of Meranthis’ history home only to the goliath, their giant cousins, and dragons, though in the present age it has come to house a population of refugees from Damalith, many of them half-orcs fleeing slavery by their orcish kin. The tallest peaks in Meranthis rest within Skyholm and the land is constantly assaulted by primal storms and violent rains that many believe to be the work of air elementals that escaped through the Zephyr.


Skyholm shares the western Border Marches’ mountainous and rocky highlands geography. They border the Border Marches to the north and west, and the Eternal Sea to the east. Damalith makes up the southern border, along with Nengurth, and Skyholm is one of only two realms to sit so close to the evil land.
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