North of the True Kingdom sits the frozen land of Jorungloss, a mountainous and storming wasteland of snow and ice. Home to giants, trolls, and other monstrous creatures, Jorungloss is one of the most dangerous lands in all of Meranthis. Despite this, a few tribes of human and half-elf hunters call the frozen land home, though most of them live in the southern mountains, for the farther north you go, the more unknown it becomes.   In the present age, Jorungloss looms as a foreboding danger for the rest of Meranthis, though some hunters from the Ture Kingdom have settled small villages north of the Frostwood. Giants will sometimes come down from the mountains to attack Bretyngaard or Meldhaven, but they are swiftly pushed back by the veteran giantkillers. Still, there are some who say great mysteries lie in the snows and beneath the ice, though none have dared to attempt to prove those claims.


Jorungloss is an arctic wasteland filled with mountains, great glaciers, and frozen rivers. Jorungloss stretches across all of Meranthis, from the Shaking Sea to the Eternal Sea. The only land border is with the True Kingdom to the south, and the northernmost island of the Isles of the Sun and Moon share an ocean border to the south.
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