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An ancient and storied race, firbolgs are among the few races who have come to live in Meranthis from the Feywild. Sometimes called ‘fey giants’, firbolg are the guardians and caretakers of nature, particularly forests and woodlands, and call Elderwyld home, where they cloister in remote forest villages. Long-lived and humble, firbolg are unrivaled wielders of druidic magic, with few who can match their reverence for nature and insightful minds. Much of Meranthis considers them strange, mysterious, and primitive, but few would dare encroach upon their abodes and risk the wrath of nature.

Physical Description

Tall and powerfully built, firbolg tower over most other races in height, rivaled only by the goliath. They have short, fur-like hair that covers their entire bodies, usually colored gray or brown, and big red-colored noses. They share the pointed ears common amongst feyfolk, and their eyes are typically green, blue, yellow, or purple. Their hair tends to be shades of red or blonde, though other colors are not unheard of. Both genders wear their hair long, with pleated braiding the most common style amongst them. Beads, natural foliage, and animal bones are common accessories woven into their hair and worn as jewelry. Males also commonly grow beards. Upon reaching adulthood, firbolg adorn their fur with blue or green druidic markings derived from the foliage native to Elderwyld, commonly the woad plant.


Firbolg society is clan based, and centered on their role as protectors of the land. They prefer to use their magic to remain hidden away in their remote forest villages, free from the politics of other races, unless it should affect the forests. They believe nature is not something to dominate, but rather ensure that it prospers and survives according to its own laws. Firbolgs live off the land and each village maintains a careful balance with the surrounding wilderness. In the summer, they store away excess nuts, fruits, and berries, and in winter they return what they can to the animals of the forests so that they can survive until the spring. Greed has no place in firbolg society, and they care little for precious gems and gold.


Firbolg adventurers are seldom seen, as most of them prefer to stay within the borders of Elderwyld. However, there are a rare few who will sometimes venture beyond the forest, either outcasts or those dispatched on an important mission by clan elders, often shaman. Firbolgs encountered in the wider world are often druids, rangers, and fighters, as these vocations are passed down through the generations. Clerics and paladins who serve nature gods are not unheard of, while others become spellcasters that specialize in fey or illusion magic.

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