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Vampire exoatmospheric strike craft

Inspiration for the article goes to Sierra Komodo. Created by Alphonse Cypher

The Vampire strike craft is the federations primary atmospheric and exoatmospheric air superiority fighter bomber. It is capable of operating both in atmoshphereic as well as low atmospheric and exoatmospheric conditions. A typical vampire squadron consists of 10 vampires flying together in a V formation. It is also renowned for the unique sound of its engine which resembles a wolfs howl.

Power Generation

4 aneutronic hydrogen fusion reactors


Two small and one large central plasma engine that is powered separately by its own fusion core

Weapons & Armament

Four quad mounted 120mm autocannons . There is place for 4 pods each containing 25 missiles that can be swapped for 4 1200mm plasma torpedoes for anti ship operations. Additionally one bomb upto 2000lbs can be carried in the bomber bay

Armor and defense

The vampire fighter is usually heavily armored for an aircraft of its kind. It is protected by relatively thick sheets of titanium reinforced armor that is also corrosion and thermal resistant. It also has great jamming and stealth cloaking equipment that seals the soul signature of the pilot and any emissions of the aircraft and remains undectable by all except the most sensitive equipment.

Communication Tools & Systems

The vampire is equipped with long range stealth communications equipment that make deciphering conversations over radio quite hard. These allow the pilot to engage in conversation with friendly forces without giving up his location.


The vampire is equipped with state of the art sensory equipment. Each of these sensore allow the craft to take different readings of environmental things like atmospheric pressure, oxygen levels, void energy levels, heaven energy levels,temperatures etc. These readings are displayed on the front screen and can be managed using the thoughts of the pilot.

Additional & auxiliary systems

The vampire craft contains two medium sized beds for pilots to rest in if they are stranded. It also contains its own Miniature kitchen and bathroom and everything else required to survive for a long period of time. It also has its own life support systems which keeps the pilot safe from all outside dangers

The Imperial Terran Federation
Aiden tallorann
Owning Organization
The Imperial Terran Federation
Related Myths
10000 tears
40 metres
60 metres
20 tonnes
Top speed in atmospheric conditions is Mach 4 and in exoatmospheric conditions is Mach 16
One pilot

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