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Created by Alphonse Cypher

Titans(also known as Ashcarvers) are the largest and deadliest war machines made by the federation. Even the smallest of titans are avatars of destruction that can lay waste to entire companies of soldiers. To further enhance their combaty capability, titans work in perfect unison with the other branches of the federations military and work in teams called titan packs. This allows titans to be nearly indestrucible by all except special titan killer tanks, super heavy aircraft, anti titan artilerry or other titans. The most interesting thing about the titans is that they are all organic and sentient creatures that bleed when damaged and have a soul of their own. These creatures when piloted link their soul to the pilots and they become one entity which means that the pilot literally becomes the Titan. This also allows for perfect coordination as the pilot and Titan become one being. The pilot can disengage his part of the soul from the Titan after being done with the battle to return to his normal state.

Power Generation

Large fusion reactors are used to power the smaller titans and for the larger titans fusion generators that have a power output to those that are required to run capital ships are used. Dies Irae also derives power from void energy


Large fusion thrusters located on the boots as well as the spine

Weapons & Armament

Depends from class to class

Armor and defense

Depends on the class of titans. Scout titans as their name suggests are used for more of a scouting and harassing role and for that they are relatively light armored. Battle, assualt, Heavy and defender type Titans are much more heavily armed and armored for head on direct assaults against the enemy positions and other titans. The titans greatest protection is however a piece of technology known as the void fields. This technology works much like a force field by casting a protective field around its user. But this system displaces and alters reality around them. This is extremely useful against ranged kinetic weapons and provides some protection from melee attacks as well. The only limitation for this is that the fields will collapse if faced with an overwhelming surge of energy all at once and the field is also eroded little by little as it takes damage. Despite these shortcomings the titan retains its reputation as the avatar of destruction amongst both the federation and the traitorous legions. Besides that titans also have cloaking devices which can mask their presence for a limited time and make them undetectable by all except the most sensitive of equipment.

Communication Tools & Systems

Titans have long ranged communications devices for communicating with their allies if they are isolated from the rest of the army. They also have their own life support systems and even personal defense weapons inside the titan itself for protecting the pilot .


Titans are equipped with state of the art sensory systems that can reflect a lot of information. These include but are not limitedoxygen levels, atmospheric pressure, Void energy levels, Geological and atmospheric anomalies, etc.

The Imperial Terran Federation
Aiden Tallorann
Owning Organization
The Imperial Terran Federation
Related Myths
Depends on the class of titan
Depends on class
The smallest titans are about 60 metres tall while the largest class XV titans are planet sized war machines. Ludwigs personal class XVI titan Dies Irae is one hundred thousand kilometres tall
60 metres to one hundred thousand kilometres
seventy to four million tons
Depends on class. The fastest titans are the XV And XVI class titans which can reach speeds of upto 40 percent the speed of light
Usually 2.

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